Trader Joe’s Crispy Crunch Okra Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Crispy Crunch Okra Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    i love them. but trader joe’s randomly doesn’t sell them and then does and that makes me sad. do they have them or not? trader joe’s has been unreliable because of this.

  2. Anonymous

    I just tried these for the first time – love at first bite. Disclaimer – I love all things okra, but don’t eat chips or crackers, so these fill that need for something crispy, crunchy and salty. I would literally purchase these by the case!

  3. Chephzibah

    This is my first time trying them as well, they are off the hook! I hope the other reviewer is mistaken, because these should ALWAYS be on the shelf! This Crispy, Crunchy Okra is the kind of snack I’ve been looking for, clean, nutritious & tasty! Not a lot of salt either, just enough!

  4. Brenalan

    These taste very “green,” but don’t have the magic texture of cooked or pickled okra. They are crispy and sturdy, so if that’s what you need they are ok. The salt level is reasonable too. They aren’t bad, but not exciting either. They tend to stick to your teeth as they rehydrate…

  5. Anonymous

    I can’t live without these! They are so good. Crispy, crunchy. So many textures. Grassy tasting. I love them.

  6. DL Evans

    I only say these are horrible because I started eating the okra chips from Sprouts which are excellent. These have no flavor. They are very thin & crispy but it tastes like air.

  7. Lisa

    Love them

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