Trader Joe’s Corn & Wheat Tortillas Reviews

(13 customer reviews)


13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Corn & Wheat Tortillas Reviews

  1. Ttrockwood

    My favorite store bought tortillas! Great flavor of corn yet flexible and a chewy texture, a little thicker than some but still rolls well for wraps. Great just warmed with some butter!

  2. Stephanie Cooke Johnson

    I buy these every time I go to TJ’s! They give you the texture of flour tortillas without the calories and have a great corn taste! We use them for both tacos and enchiladas. Beware, most of the time I buy them the sell by date is only a couple days away for some reason, so I make sure we have taco night early in the week!

  3. La mom

    These are my absolute favorite corn tortillas. Minimal ingredients, healthy, soft and delicious. Make the best tacos!

  4. Chera

    Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fav!!

  5. Vee

    My favorite tortillas for tacos. Pleeeeeeeeease bring them back! I can’t find mixed corn and flour tortillas anywhere

  6. Kam Trejo

    Why aren’t you selling these amazing tortillas? I have been looking every week I go to your stores! Please bring them back, they are the best!!

  7. Mayra

    These are the best!! Ever since I tried them I can’t stop getting them. I use them to make my green chicken enchiladas!

  8. Hellotoyou

    YES! Bring back these fabulous tortillas!

  9. Hellotoyou

    YES! Bring back these fabulous tortillas!

  10. Sonya

    My new favorite corn tortilla and perfect for tacos. Great corn taste and a little larger and more durable than most corn tortillas. Can warm them in a toaster oven or microwave.

  11. Betsy Broadwater

    Where are they I’m desperate

  12. Julia

    I’ve bought these a few times and they were my favorite but the last three times I’ve bought them they were soooo thick. What happened?! I’m so sad about it!

  13. Angela

    These taste great for one, and last quite a while without getting dried out/stale.

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