Trader Joe’s Cookies & Crème Pretzel Slims Reviews

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Pretzel thins covered in a confectionary coating with Joe-Joe’s cookie bits, topped with a dark chocolatey drizzle, for a cookies and cream theme.


4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cookies & Crème Pretzel Slims Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Very sweet for me. The confection coating to pretzel ratio is about 3:1. But many people like them maybe b/c they like sugary snacks. So if you like sugary snacks you may like this. For those who don’t like sugary snacks, I don’t recommend.

  2. Anonymous

    Delicious! Yes they are sugary but if you’re looking for a little dessert, they’re great.

  3. Carly Williams

    These apparently aren’t going to be around anymore. I’m devastated honestly. This was my new favorite snack and I wish I had bought more bags. Truly, the best snack I ever had.

  4. Lauren

    My daughter and I loved them! I bought some for my coworkers and got them hooked. I was sad to learn they won’t be sold in stores anymore. It’s probably for the best, I was buying multiple bags every visit.

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