Trader Joe’s Colossal Olives Stuffed with Jalapeno Peppers Reviews

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17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Colossal Olives Stuffed with Jalapeno Peppers Reviews

  1. Mick Gingerich

    I am very disappointed to learn that Trader Joe’s is no longer carrying the Colossal Olives stuffed with Jalapeño Peppers. These have been my favorite olives for many years and are most often the reason I would go to Trader Joe’s. Once there I would always buy several other products in addition to the olives but it was the olives that would get me to the store. If at all possible I would really like to see them back on the shelf.

  2. Kristyn White

    My husband and I were disappointed to hear that Trader Joe’s is no longer carrying the Colossal green olives stuffed with jalapenos as they are one of our favorite green olive EVER !! They taste is amazing and the price is great.. If you have any back stock that you want to sell please email me as we will take them all.. If possible we would really like to see them come back into your stores as we travel 45 minutes to the closest Trader Joe’s to do our shopping.

  3. Don Calvello

    I have used the Trader Joe’s jalapeno stuffed green olives for years in my martinis. No other similar products have compared to these olives.

    I hope the Trader Joe’s management will reconsider its decision to discontinue this product. The stuffed Greek olives are not near as good.

  4. Mike Repetto

    Very disappointed that the Jalapeno Stuffed Olives are gastronomica non grata (well only in the eyes of TJ’s bored room I guess)! Those little verde orbs of spicy pleasure were part of the impetus for me to go to TJ’s…and then buy other stuff…now not so much!

    5 Stars for product
    1 Star for Bored Room decision makers, yup, I know I spelt it wrong but that crew gotta be like, “Ho hum we gotta do something besides picking out special patterns of Hawaiin Shirts (to denote rank)…I know lets 86 some Olives! Which ones? Oh…I don’t know…let’s get rid of the ones with Jalapenos…the customers wont notice…we still got hangers full of those ones with garlic…hmmm garlic and jalapenos yup same thing…ho hum.

  5. Julie Chicoski

    Very disappointment that Trader Joe’s no longer is carrying the Colossal Olives stuffed with Jalapeno Peppers.

  6. S. Crump

    T.J.’s…please bring back the jalapeno olives!!!! They have a following and we love them. Don’t make us look far and wide at another retailer….pppllllleeeaaassseee????

  7. Joe

    Can someone from TJ’s please explain why you decided to ignore your customers so radically on this one? To be honest I hardly go back there anymore…

  8. Russ

    Love those jalapeno stuffed olives. The best I’ve had and would buy them again.

  9. Maria

    I miss the Jalapeño olives my Husband loved this product. now i am at a loss.

  10. Bill

    We would go just to buy these olives and of course buy additional items…..haven’t been back since you made the horrible decision. Bring them back!

  11. amanda

    Just found out the other day that these were discontinued. I have yet to find another brand similar to these! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!!

  12. Len

    Please bring back these olives! Can’t find anything comparable. These were mainly what brought me to Trader Joes!!!
    Bad decision to discontinue!

  13. Bonnie

    SO very disappointed that you’ve chosen to discontinue the jalapeño stuffed olives! Like many of the other people commenting here, these olives have been a household staple for a great many years. We’ve watched them go from truly “Colossal” to much smaller but didn’t care since the flavor was still the same. SO much more interesting and better quality than anything else on the market. Please reconsider.

  14. Lisa A Martinez

    Aghhh! I found my people! We are still lamenting the loss of these jalapeno stuffed olives…from the minute they were discontinued (we bought them weekly), we were stumped, annoyed, sad…what? Did you not sell enough of them? Maybe people who didn’t care for jalapenos didnt like them? I want an answer!! I’m still perusing other purveyors, but nothing fits the bill…heed our cry!!

  15. Han

    I mourn the discontinuance of these olives every time I go grocery shopping. TJ’s – please, please bring these back!

  16. Diana

    Ditto on the other reviewers… TJ please reconsider bringing back your Jalepeno Olives. They are a staple in our home and like others One of the main reason & favorite shopping Item at your store! Why did you stop stocking this incredible item?

  17. CHeryl Hobbs

    I will add my voice lamenting the absence of the colossal jalapeno-stuffed olives. I have not found another brand anywhere near as tasty as yours. The olives themselves were part of the success: so firm and tasty. The jalapenos added the perfect amount of kick. I’d buy these by the case if they ever return.

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