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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Red Juice Reviews

  1. napturallyDee

    I thought I was going to die from the first taste of this concoction. The smell warned me but because I spent $5 on this thing, I forced myself to taste it. All I could get from this drink was celery and beets. I didn’t drink enough to get the other flavors. I left it in my fridge for a week before I tossed it. I was hoping I could find a review of someone mentioning how they were able to use it.

  2. IncREDulous

    I hope the person that invented this vile concoction drowned in a burning vat of it, in front of their favorite puppy.
    Red juice should taste like berries or beets or peppers or red dye and sugar, not cucumber/celery/curry (cucumber and celery are GREEN, not RED).
    This was unpleasant to drink, and even more unpleasant when I burped a couple hours later. Serious disappointment and tears.

  3. Kimberly King-Burns

    i’m more a savory vs. sweet type, and defo love my borscht, so the beets-up flavor here is completely up my alley. tasty celery and cucumber and ginger highlights help, and I detect a slight cayenne after-kick. all in all, a very good sip.

  4. Anonymous

    This drink has become my favorite from Trader Joes along with some others. I love the taste of the beets and ginger. I got into cause I started watching what foods I eat and drinking less sugary drinks that dont have any other preservatives and added sugars. 10/10

  5. Sanjeev Kanwar

    Where the salt 9% came from, in this drink. I m not sure. Going to return it.

  6. Theresa

    I love it cant get enough
    Have for breakfast everyday and only downside is i wish it was cheaper It is for some an acquired taste

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