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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Red Juice Reviews

  1. napturallyDee

    I thought I was going to die from the first taste of this concoction. The smell warned me but because I spent $5 on this thing, I forced myself to taste it. All I could get from this drink was celery and beets. I didn’t drink enough to get the other flavors. I left it in my fridge for a week before I tossed it. I was hoping I could find a review of someone mentioning how they were able to use it.

  2. IncREDulous

    I hope the person that invented this vile concoction drowned in a burning vat of it, in front of their favorite puppy.
    Red juice should taste like berries or beets or peppers or red dye and sugar, not cucumber/celery/curry (cucumber and celery are GREEN, not RED).
    This was unpleasant to drink, and even more unpleasant when I burped a couple hours later. Serious disappointment and tears.

  3. Kimberly King-Burns

    i’m more a savory vs. sweet type, and defo love my borscht, so the beets-up flavor here is completely up my alley. tasty celery and cucumber and ginger highlights help, and I detect a slight cayenne after-kick. all in all, a very good sip.

  4. Anonymous

    This drink has become my favorite from Trader Joes along with some others. I love the taste of the beets and ginger. I got into cause I started watching what foods I eat and drinking less sugary drinks that dont have any other preservatives and added sugars. 10/10

  5. Sanjeev Kanwar

    Where the salt 9% came from, in this drink. I m not sure. Going to return it.

  6. Theresa

    I love it cant get enough
    Have for breakfast everyday and only downside is i wish it was cheaper It is for some an acquired taste

  7. Stephen Raney

    At the age of 72 I find the red juice from trader Joe’s is great.
    I don’t mind the taste at all I enjoy it.
    It gives me the energy during the day and makes me feel great.

  8. Jamie B

    As a CrossFit athlete and someone who focuses on a holistic nutritional diet, this juice reigns supreme. Beet juice is a natural way to open your blood vessels, which is especially important before a workout. Plus, it has additional veggies to help with my intake on a daily basis. The benefits outweigh the slightly beet-fresh-earthy taste to me. Other times, I simply add in some berry flavored electrolytes and water OR vanilla flavored protein powder and drink throughout my workout, and it’s fine. My workout stamina and strength have much improved. 10/10

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