Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Cucumber Avocado Smoothie Reviews

(7 customer reviews)

Cucumber, avocado, mango, and spinach purees in a blend of lime, acerola cherry, and ginger juice.


7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Cucumber Avocado Smoothie Reviews

  1. Demetria Miles

    It’s very thick and not overly sweet from the third ingredient which is mango. I did not detect the ginger however, it was listed last. I usually purchase the one that has beets as the first ingredient. It’s my favorite. I always add a shot of ginger and a shot of turmeric to the one with beets. I didn’t add anything to the cucumber-avocado.

  2. June Cleveland

    Fantastic, healthy, delicious!

  3. McKenzie H

    Shit was so fucking bad like I almost threw up 10 times every single fucking sip. Shame on you Trader Joe’s

  4. Skylar

    Idc if this was the fountain of youth, it’s disgusting and tastes similar to guacamole but with less flavor.

  5. Shana

    I really loved this juice. Agree with the other reviewer that I did not taste any ginger, but the smoothie was flavorful and creamy. It was thicker than normal, but I didn’t mind the texture. Some people might. Overall I would recommend. I am mad at myself that I only bought two. This smoothie will definitely be added into my rotation.

  6. Carolyn

    This tasted so bad.

  7. tom holland lover

    this is actually the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted ever in my life. i thought this was going to be scrumdillyumptious. but it was far from it. Trader Joes, why does it taste like salad dressing? so what if it is healthy this is actually disgusting. Sorry. I actually want to puke. i will never buy this again. this drink took off 2 years of my lifespan.

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