Trader Joe’s Coconut Water With Aloe Vera Juice Reviews

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26 reviews for Trader Joe’s Coconut Water With Aloe Vera Juice Reviews

  1. Elise Green

    I love this product. I’ve had some other aloe vera drinks, but they were bitter and hard to swallow. This product has an excellent taste and is a way of getting needed nutrients in my diet.

  2. kim

    Discovered this for the first time & it’s one of my favourite TJ products yet– It is comparable in taste to zico but costs less and has aloe vera juice in it. I’m going to buy more for sure!

  3. Jill

    I just bought this product today and it tastes awful. I’ll choke it down and won’t buy it again.

  4. wendy lowder

    I love this with in a glass with a lot of ice. I’d love to hear more about the health benefits on this site. I hear aloe is a natural laxative and also good for the skin, but drinking too much is not good. How much of this is too much? I love the way the coconut water mixes with the aloe and makes it such a hydrating drink. Wonderful for summer!

  5. Joel

    This is the worst TJs product I have tried. I almost spit it out, I was so shocked by the bad taste. I bought it just to drink plain but since I hate it I thought I could use it in smoothies to mask the taste. Well, I can still taste it. I will never buy this one again.

  6. Pam Wise

    Love Trader Joes but not this product! At all! And I boight a few of them. Has a distinct taste that at first I thought it was rancid so I threw them out. Coconut Water is from Concentrate so it’s really not the best way to get the benefits.

  7. London Lacy

    This is good to mix with orange juice. It tastes good and is inexpensive. Over ice with some cucumber slices is great too.

  8. Olivia

    This product is disgusting. Sad! I don’t know what I was expecting. How can you go wrong with just coconut water and aloe? Did no one taste test this before production?

  9. Wendy

    This doesnt taste well on its own. However I mix it with my smoothies and its great!!

  10. Keith Winston

    So interesting: people love it or hate it, no one in-between! I’m on the love it side, I could drink it all day. I drink it plain. I buy as many as I can every time I’m there, since they don’t always stock it and… it’s TJ’s. They might change up their product line at any time. I wonder if it’s like cilantro, with a genetic component? If anyone who hates the product reads this: does it specifically taste like soap? That’s what I hear cilantro is like for some (I LOVE cilantro).

  11. John

    Absolutely disgusting.

    It smells like vomit and locker room.

    It tastes like someone rung out some sweaty socks or a jock strap into a glass.

  12. Miriam

    This product has saved my milk supply! It keeps me hydrated and has been a savior in my breastfeeding journey! It tastes really good too!

  13. G

    I absolutely love it. It takes great! So healthy, and inexpensive. After just a few days of half a container per day I’ve already noticed that my digestion has improved greatly. Also I feel really good and my skin is noticeably better after one full week.

  14. M

    I really wanted to like this, but it tastes like wet cardboard. I honestly thought there was something wrong with the packaging. I even mixed it with coffee concentrate, and it made the coffee taste stale and old (like wet cardboard). I love TJ, but I will never buy this again.

  15. Sandra Glenn

    Just tried it, not bad but not real good either. I think I’m going to keep drinking it and see if the taste gets better. I like the health benefits, cost and calories

  16. Victoria Taylor

    I love this , it is so smooth and delicious , I finished the first one the first day , can’t wait to go back and stock up !!

  17. Stacey Barros

    Love this Coconut Aloe drink. Best part is that it has no sugar no preservatives and no artificial flavors!
    Thank you!

  18. Alice Leonard

    I drank the whole carton in one day. Yikes. It’s so refreshing and I feel great after drinking. The taste is definitely something you have to be used to, it’s not sugary fruit juice! Can’t wait to go back and buy more.

  19. jenny

    I’m glad I didn’t read the reviews before I purchased this and drank the whole thing. I found it to be very good – pretty much like any other coconut water as far as the taste went. Then I decided to read about the nutritional value of aloe and coconut water and now that I know how beneficial it is I will definitely be buying more.

  20. Sam

    Love this!! Mix with the almond matcha from TJa and it tastes so yummy!!

  21. c. martinez

    I loved this when I tried it. Wish I could get it now.

  22. Erica F

    This is the best drink in the store! Super hydrating and refreshing! I absolutely hate the taste of coconut water, but this stuff is heaven. I was so sad to hear this drink was discontinued. Please bring this back to our stores.

  23. marcy mcgilvray

    please bring this back, love it in my smoothie

  24. Marcy Mcgilvray

    Love this product. Please bring it back

  25. Linda

    lower sugar coconut water, with aloe to boot. Helped my hubby when he had small bowel cancer. Another, please bring it back.

  26. Maxwell Hunter

    Really enjoy this beverage. Aloe vera and coconut water a perfect refreshing mix.

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