Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter Reviews

  1. Serenity Guedel

    I can’t believe this doesn’t have any reviews yet. I’m not usually one for body butters, but this is an exception. After applying, I smell so good and my skin is so soft I almost want to take a bite out of myself! This is one product that I have used for years and I always make sure I have a backup. Total winner!

  2. Art Vandelay

    Echoing the reviewer above, I really love this product and have been using it for years! I have skin that dries out easily and is also very sensitive, and this really softens my skin without causing irritation. It smells great too, but isn’t cloying or artificial. One of TJ’s best products!

  3. Nora

    I love the feel and texture. But something needs to be done about the “fragrance” that burns my eyes.

  4. Jenny

    I have been using this for at least 15 years. It is not too greasy, and the fragrance is very light. I include it in gifts for women often.

  5. Brenda

    Love the scent, and my skin feels so soft since I started using this.

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