Trader Joe’s Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing & Dip Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing & Dip Reviews

  1. Laurie

    I like this salad dressing but I have a very bad allergic reaction to something in it. I am now about to go through each ingredient and find out what the culprit is.

  2. Kahlee

    It’s not quite as good as Bob’s Blue Cheese, but pretty close. Makes a great dip.

  3. Raquel

    Hello Laurie- Same with me, allergic reaction. Had about a tablespoon and my eyelid swelled up. It maybe the penicillin mold?

  4. c barragar

    maybe an added ingredient is polysorbate 80 which many people are allergic to and is often added without mention in many food products. Sometimes called sorbitol.

  5. Sadie

    Thanks for sharing your comments because I have had the same itching and swelling reactions as others.

  6. Raquel

    Hello again – Sorry to hear about more reactions, because it is scary, but glad to share. I think it is the cheese mold. Seems the likely source as all other ingredients on the label are common and I have no reaction to them.

    I HIGHLY recommend avoiding any blue cheese and blue cheese dressing.

    *Sorbitol is used in sugar free foods (gum) and is natural in many fruits that I consume regularly.

  7. Amanda

    I love this dressing – so delicious. Sorry to hear that some people have had allergic reactions. I thankfully have not.

  8. Linda Gage

    Best one on the market (if not allergic!).

  9. Seth

    Does anyone know where I can order some online? I recently moved and cannot find it near me.

  10. Art Klein

    Where is it made? All of TJ’s food, never tells you where it comes from. Barstow, Mars, Pacoima? China?

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