Trader Joe’s Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing & Dip Reviews

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35 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing & Dip Reviews

  1. Laurie

    I like this salad dressing but I have a very bad allergic reaction to something in it. I am now about to go through each ingredient and find out what the culprit is.

  2. Kahlee

    It’s not quite as good as Bob’s Blue Cheese, but pretty close. Makes a great dip.

  3. Raquel

    Hello Laurie- Same with me, allergic reaction. Had about a tablespoon and my eyelid swelled up. It maybe the penicillin mold?

  4. c barragar

    maybe an added ingredient is polysorbate 80 which many people are allergic to and is often added without mention in many food products. Sometimes called sorbitol.

  5. Sadie

    Thanks for sharing your comments because I have had the same itching and swelling reactions as others.

  6. Raquel

    Hello again – Sorry to hear about more reactions, because it is scary, but glad to share. I think it is the cheese mold. Seems the likely source as all other ingredients on the label are common and I have no reaction to them.

    I HIGHLY recommend avoiding any blue cheese and blue cheese dressing.

    *Sorbitol is used in sugar free foods (gum) and is natural in many fruits that I consume regularly.

  7. Amanda

    I love this dressing – so delicious. Sorry to hear that some people have had allergic reactions. I thankfully have not.

  8. Linda Gage

    Best one on the market (if not allergic!).

  9. Seth

    Does anyone know where I can order some online? I recently moved and cannot find it near me.

  10. Art Klein

    Where is it made? All of TJ’s food, never tells you where it comes from. Barstow, Mars, Pacoima? China?

  11. Susan

    So sorry to hear about the allergic reactions, people. Perhaps you are allergic to real blue cheese? So many fake, processed blue cheese “dressing” out there – maybe that is the case?
    I’ve just gone to two different Trader Joes locations to purchase Trader Joes Chunky Blue Cheese dressing, only to be told its been discontinued?!! So very much disappointed in this! Their chunky blue cheese dressing for one, tastes AMAZING, with nice chunks of REAL blue cheese, it’s creamy and finally its in a glass jar. I use to purchase Maries Blue cheese dressing that also tastes pretty good, but they moved to plastic several years ago. To know I could find a decent replacement for Maries at my beloved Trader Joes was a game changer, and I’ve been buying ever since. I hope they are REPLACING this item. The most discouraging element of shopping at Trader Joes stores is that, TJs oftentimes will yank a product, and its never to be seen again (Pear Vinnegrette for example among countless others!) I also heard the Spicy Peanut salad dressing is also on the chopping block. Thank goodness I have probably the last bottle on earth in my pantry. Seriously though, I’ve come to rely upon TJ products – and a creamy blue cheese dressing is not easy to find – unless I go to WHOLE FOODS (too expensive!) or make it myself (who has time for that??)

  12. JM

    My favorite salad dressing of all time! This dressing tasted like really expensive steakhouse blue cheese dressing. I can’t believe TJ’s disc’d it!!! I have tasted all the other blue cheese dressings out there! Nothing came close. I am so disappointed. Makes me almost afraid to shop at TJ’s. So many things my family enjoyed have been chopped!

  13. Joe Ivey

    My Delray Beach on Linton and US-1 Trader Joe’s tells me the refrigerated Blue Cheese dressing is discontinued. They tell me sometimes it’s from inability to source ingredients and may come back..until then I guess we’ll do without.

  14. ADS

    Before dissing the Blue Cheese dressing maybe check if you have a sensitivity to blue cheese. I fortunately do not and was very disappointed to find it was discontinued. I drive a long distance for certain items that I can only get at Trader Joe’s. This Chunky Blue Cheese dressing was the best, I did a taste test among several brands. I’m truely saddened by this. Please consider bringing it back, put a warning on the label for those who may be lactose intolerant or about certain cheese molds. Some people love the picante, complex flavor in these strong cheeses.

  15. Glynnis Campbell

    Oh man, I can’t believe they discontinued this. I bought a jar every week! Seriously. I’ve been making a big salad every day for lunch for my 87-year-old mom and me for months, and the best part of it was TJ’s blue cheese dressing! Boohoo. They should publish the recipe then, so we can make our own with TJ ingredients.

  16. Derek McCoy

    It was a sad day yesterday When we found out that the blue cheese dressing was going to be discontinued. This is a staple in the family and we buy 2 to 3 jars at a time. This in my opinion is undoubtedly one of the best on the market today. Like another reader said we used to buy Marie’s but once trader Joe’s came on the scene it was a game changer. I truly hope they could find a source to keep this product going or to come back quickly. It definitely keeps us coming to the store more often and of course every time we buy more stuff as well.

  17. Violet

    This was my FAVORITE blue cheese dressing EVER! Beats Bob’s (which used to be my favorite) and all the other plastic bottle brands that taste fake and watery. This was perfect and tasted like something from a high-end restaurant rather than from a jar. It was thick, creamy, with chunks of real blue cheese and cracked black pepper…perfect! I am SO DISAPPOINTED to be informed that it is discontinued. Not happy.

  18. Kat

    This is also my absolute favorite, and I drive out of my way to purchase this product. And will look for foods that I can eat with it everyday – it is the best. There are so many bad, actually terrible, blue cheese dressings out there for purchase. I’ve tried them all. So I was really upset to hear that this product has been DISCONTINUED!! Why, oh why, do all the best products get discontinued. I don’t get it and, this one is a bummer. I agree with @Susan (above), please tell me this has not been yanked!

  19. Jamie Anderson

    Love this blue cheese dressing. It is the best out of every brand I’ve ever had. Please bring it back!

  20. Kate Florio


  21. GW

    It’s the only reason I go to TJ’s. I got get 3 jars and then do some more shopping there. I guess I won’t be back unless the Blue Cheese dressing comes back. Sad.

  22. M Gessner

    Best blue cheese dressing I’ve ever tasted. Puts Marie’s to shame. I am so upset to hear it’s been discontinued! We would buy 2-3 jars each week.

  23. Pamella Johnson

    Bring it back……………………… Trader Joe’s Bleu Cheese Dressing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So upsetting to hear that this product is discontinued. Also please sell the Bleu Cheese Roasted pecan dip YEAR ROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Cheri

    Best ever. Go to TJ’s website. You can make a comment to bring it back.

  25. J Gerard

    I agree and was saddened to find out they are no longer carrying the Trader Joe’s blue cheese dressing. Hopefully, the marketing department will see how many people are disappointed, and will consider bringing this product back!!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

  26. Nancy

    Please bring blue cheese dressing back, my family and I love it. I was planning appetizer night new years eve, and blue cheese dressing was a major player. Now have to reset, as other blue cheese doesn’t taste as good.

  27. Karen J

    I’m so devastated they discontinued the blue cheese dressing! It was the best out there! Please bring it back!!!

  28. Ann B.

    Please bring the blue cheese dressing back……best store bought dressing by far.

  29. Douglas Rosenow

    If TJ’s has discontinued the best bleu cheese dressing on our planet, they have made a galacticly stupid move. Here’s hoping a bulletin will soon issue blaming said TEMPORARY unavailability on COVID, the Fed, the ChiComms, OPEC, or Gorebal Warming/Cooling (pick one or the other). Wise up before the People are forced to go to brickbats and pitchforks. Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  30. Michele Boselli

    Bring the chunky blue cheese back. Main reason I went to Trader Joe’s

  31. Tanya

    I was devastated when they said it’s discontinued!! I don’t even usually like blue cheese dressing but this ended up being all I’d put on salads. Tasted homemade or what you’d get at a high end restaurant. Ugh bring it back pleaaaaase! Nothing else compares!

  32. Jenny

    This was the best blue cheese dressing on the planet. Please bring it back!!!!!

  33. Ann

    I love, love, love this dressing and I’ve asked every single time I go into TJs when it’s coming back. I always get vague answers, unlike the kosher pickles which they finally did bring back. But I will miss the blue cheese. I now either make my own or buy from Whole Foods, which has one almost as good as TJs. The rest of the brands taste like … ugh. No gracias!

  34. Ann

    My add on to my review is the Toby’s blur cheese dressing at Whole Foods. Tastes almost like Trader Joe’s used to. Worth a try….

  35. Max

    What is the real brand of the dressing? No one knows? Maybe it comes from another country then. Trader Joes does not make any of its products. Every single item is repackaged. So it’s likely still on the market unless the maker pulled it also due to the allergic reactions.

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