Trader Joe’s Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Reviews

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20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Reviews

  1. meredith

    Super moist and delicious! I made a buttercream icing and it made a perfect party cake. I will definitely buy it again.

  2. Jennifer Faur

    Delicious!!!!! I have zero self control around this cake.

  3. Christina Shim Choe

    Omg this is killer! Super moist and chocolatey

  4. Chiron

    Sadly I was told yesterday when I couldn’t find any that this wildly delicious product is “seasonal.” It is replaced by seasonal pumpkin stuff. Ugh. What’s seasonal about chocolate cake? I will have to look elsewhere — or make my own — plenty of recipes on-line….sorry TJ, pumpkin stuff just doesn’t make it for me….I want the chocolate olive oil cake.

  5. Theodora Gianoumis

    Ditto!! What happened to the chocolate olive oil cake!? LOVE IT!! I don’t see how Chocolate is seasonal. That should be all around the year. My daughter eats it for breakfast and she is very picky!! Don’t know what to offer her now 🙁
    Wish Trader Joe’s had more simple pound cakes… Maybe a plain pound cake or a marble. Or some chocolate muffins, corn muffins?

  6. Rebecca

    Out of this world chocolatey!

  7. Anonymous

    I think it is ridiculous how traderjoes makes this seasonal. Chocolate cake is all year long. His is he best choco cake I have had & now I can’t get it. Pathetic how they do away with the good stuff.

  8. Jonathan Dovev

    Miss the cake, so sad that it has been discontinued so disappointed it was the best ever!!

  9. Me mo

    Terrible it’s discontinued!!

  10. Erika

    Bring it back!! So amazing!!

  11. Olive Oil Cake Advocate

    Please bring it back for year-round production. Its delicious eaten plain or as a slice under vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries on the plate surrounding the moist, rich chocolate cake. Yum!

  12. Anonymous

    So sad that this is discontinued 🙁

  13. Andy Torchon

    We need the Chocolate olive cake back !!!!
    The best cake !!!!!

  14. Darla

    Yes. Bring it back!! Not too sweet. Moist and delicious. Can’t believe they discontinued this but carry on with the frosted sheet cake thing?

  15. Jane Blass

    Oh man, I still miss this cake. So crazy moist and delicious. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  16. Kate Johnson

    I really miss this cake. Please bring it back!

  17. Anya

    I am craving this cake soo badly…. It had such a great consistency and not too sweet, it didn’t have unnecessary frosting. It was simply perfect! Please bring in back!!!!

  18. Anya

    How many votes do we need to bring it back? 🙂

  19. Anonymous


  20. Fluffhead

    They continue on with the awful sheet cake but won’t bring back the olive oil cake. It was perfect.

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