Trader Joe’s Chocolate Liqueur Cherries Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chocolate Liqueur Cherries Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    way to go trader joe’s. you hit this one out of the park. when i was younger my dad (who was a choco-holic) would take me in search of the better (then the last shop) chocolat

  2. Jasmina

    Good quality, not too sweet, liqueur didn’t mute the taste of cherry. What I would like to know is, why is this item seasonal? Don’t we like chocolate and liqueur all year? Or are we suppose to drink liqueur only during winter holidays?

  3. Bixxygrl

    Delicious dark chocolate covered cherries! If you missed what chocolate cherries are supposed to taste like…this is it!!High quality cherries that are in a real liquor, not in a sugary fluid. Tastes like a real cherry and not artificial cherries. Grab them while you can.

  4. SLW

    Excellent quality and price. I need this sold year-aound since my spouse has a real addiction. Too bad online sellers buy and resell at triple mark-up. Hard to obtain through the holidays.

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