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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken Chili With Beans Reviews

  1. Wes

    I wasn’t expecting this to be very good (canned chili is pretty hit or miss), but to my surprise, it was really tasty. I’m not even a big chili fan, but I would be down to eat this one regularly.

  2. Scott

    The first time I tried this chicken chili, I was literally BLOWN AWAY! The tastes are so appetizing, another can down the hatch is always the best dessert. This particular chili reminds me of my sweet mother who always made chili for us on cold winter days. Hers was actually with beef. But since I no longer eat that animal, I was always searching for something similar. Please don’t ever change the recipe, cause this is the Best Damn Chili made in America, outside Mom’s Kitchen! Got some in the car right now, think I’ll go have a bite!

  3. Brian

    I love this chili. It is my favorite canned chili. BUT, it has not been on the shelves for a couple months now. When I asked last week I was told it had been discontinued. Is this true?

  4. Tim

    Please bring it back, way better than the turkey chili!

  5. G

    What?? Why!?? Ditto – please bring it back!!

  6. Anonymous

    I agree – I’ve been a big fan of the chicken chili for 20+ years & I can’t believe they yanked it! PLEASE bring it back – nothing else can compare!!!

  7. olga Taylor

    I too have been looking for the Chicken Chili. I found it to be great! Why does Trader Joe’s discontinue so many desired products? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  8. anonymous

    What on earth we thinking removing this – it is by far the best chili they make. Way better than the turkey chili.

  9. Sam

    Agree! BEST canned chili ever! Please bring it back. I still look for it each trip to TJs, hoping it returns. The beef and turkey chilis are awful in comparison.

  10. Karl tom

    It was great chili discontinued don’t know why some kind of info of why would be nice, but it’s a way of saying FU cause we at TJ are a a big company and we don’t have to say why or anything

  11. Kent Southard

    Yeah, went looking for the chicken chili, been missing it. Discontinued? Say it ain’t so!

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