Trader Joe’s Chicken Andouille Sausage Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken Andouille Sausage Reviews

  1. kathleen

    Love it! Has higher salt but great flavor and so much fun to mix with veggies and rice, or pasta and arabiatta sauce.

  2. Daisy O’Brien

    Normally, I love a spicy meat with rice and vegies (pasta sauce,not to much). But I love these links too much to taint them with other ingredients. Except maybe a white-ish bread as a chaser to cool the palate. I lover these pan seared or grilled, cut into coins and dipped in hot BBQ sauce. You can see why a chaser of bland bread can com in handy!

  3. Damian

    These sausages taste great. They are on the spicy side. However, the gut casings on links are so thick as to make it difficult to bite through, often the casing stays behind, and you end us scraping the meat out with your front teeth. Nasty.

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