Trader Joe’s Cheesy Trees Cheddar Crackers Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cheesy Trees Cheddar Crackers Reviews

  1. Rosemary

    These are delicious.They taste great with a glass of wine, very cheesy and buttery.

  2. Ginny

    Great with tomato soup – I had some soup left over and remembered these crackers, which I had neglected to open over the holidays. Delicious!!!

  3. Eileen

    Reminiscent of the cheese “straws” we made at home in the ’70s. Rich and buttery like a sugar cookie, but with a salty-cheesy flavor and a nice snap. Wonderful on their own, or float a couple in soup.

  4. Star

    What????????? Trader Joe’s Cheesy Trees are so amazing and delicious! They come in cute little boxes with two cellophane sealed packages inside; not a loose tumble/jumble of crackers. No, these are neatly stacked Christmas tree crackers. It’s like opening a little present. I think there are about 25 little trees in each cello pack. The trees are not too small…and they are super crisp. The taste is very rich cheddar—nothing bland or cheap about them. Seriously, super delicious! These are top quality! I want to go back and buy dozens of boxes and give them out Santa style to everyone I love. You get a cracker box, you get a cracker box, you get a cracker box!

  5. Roslyn

    These were a revelation in taste! Cheesy, rich, yummy and and adorable to boot. They are packaged very carefully so they stay unbroken. It’s a small box but they are so delicious and filling, that you can make them last..a day or two! I went back to buy a few boxes for work gifts(and for myself) but alas, they were sold out. Next year, I will buy ten boxes so I have some to share and some for me.

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