Trader Joe’s Cheeseburger Burrito Reviews

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Cooked seasoned beef burger crumble with cheddar cheese, onions, tomatoes, and dill pickle relish in a flour tortilla. Sold in the refrigerated meals section.


8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cheeseburger Burrito Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    I tried one. I like some of TJ’s other ready-made burritos, but this one is just plain bad.

  2. Matt Herold

    OMG I’m not sure why the negative review. I think these are going to be a smash hit. I think they are friggin’ delicious. The beef seems to be decent quality, no gross bits yet after 3 of these and the taste fuses the American burger taste with Mexican flair. I think it’s the best one they’ve produced so far and my favorite is the bean and cheese. Neither probably falls into the “healthy” category but these are bomb.

  3. Anonymous

    The label calls it, “beef crumble,” but what I see in this burrito is just plain dog food instead of meat. Just awful! Someone should call them on this! I’d rate it zero if I could. Look it up, they literally have been making dog food since 1958 too. I’m very disappointed.

  4. Denise Govi

    I love Traders Joe’s, but this was terrible.The meat was the cheapest most horrible tasting stuff.I couldn’t eat it.Threw it away.

  5. MR

    I’m really concerned by the 5-star review here lol. This burrito was bad. Aside from the fact that it has over half of the recommended daily sodium intake and is definitely unhealthy, it also just doesn’t taste good. The beef crumbles (which were basically just various little balls of meat, not the same as ground beef) were kind of slimy and had a weird flavor. The dill pickle tasted more like bread and butter pickle as it was kind of sweet and the cheese had an odd texture. This is basically a gas station level burrito. I didn’t have high expectations but yikes, I usually expect more from TJ’s.

  6. Alex

    Only came here to leave 5 stars because I don’t understand the negative reviews. This is my new favorite TJ’s burrito, and I’ve been eating the other ones on and off for years. Maybe these are best for those who occasionally like junk food. I don’t care if the ingredients are of the highest quality or not, it’s pretty delicious and it does taste like a burger. It’s two of my favorite things rolled in one. -This is dude food at it’s finest. 5/5

  7. Susan Green

    Purchased upon recommendation of Trader Joe’s podcast, would not buy again

  8. Anonymous


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