Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Merlot Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Merlot Reviews

  1. Cindy Wood

    Pretty darn good for a very cheap wine Merlot.

  2. L K

    LOVE this wine!!! I (kinda) consider myself a bit of a “connoisseur” when it comes to wines, as I have my favorites and have done my fair share of tastings. (Been drinking wine for the past 25 years.) However, I was SO thrilled when it turned out that I loved this!
    Pros: Aside from (or in addition to) the great LOW price, this wine does not make me feel icky the next day. Granted, I may only have one glass, but some wines make me achy and a bit hungover the next day.
    Also, the taste is great! I usually don’t care for Merlot (am partial to Pinot Noir or Cabernet), but this one is nice and smooth. So delicious.
    And if I open a bottle and only have one glass (and either forget about it or don’t drink the rest of the bottle for whatever reason), I’m only out $3! THAT’S less than you’d pay at a restaurant!

    Cons: NONE! Just wish Trader Joe’s was closer to home (not that it’s THAT far), but I have to plan a shopping trip to head out across town to go there.

    So glad I tried it. It’s funny b/c when I first got it, I asked another shopper and she said, “You’re only out $3 if you don’t like it.” Two big Thumbs-Up!

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