Trader Joe’s Carne Asada Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Carne Asada Reviews

  1. Melissa

    This carne asada is incredible! We cooked it on the stovetop on high for 4 minutes each side, out it in tortillas with fresh veggies, and had a restaurant quality meal in ten minutes. I couldn’t recommend enough!

  2. suzanne cruise

    I grilled this last night, the marinade was ok, could have been more flavorful but it worked. Unfortunately, the meat was fatty & stringy, full of gristle. We would chew as much meat off the gristle, but ended up throwing half of it out it was so unpleasant.
    I love TJ’s prepared foods and have only had a few I would not eat again. This was a definite NO.

  3. Mary

    A pricey piece of meat that is tough and full of gristle. I can’t believe TJ’s sells this

  4. Cheryl Marjerison

    We tried to like this but couldn’t even chew it! Never again.

  5. RC

    It did not taste like Carne Asada I’ve ever eaten. It was full of fat, tough and chewy. Very peppery and salty no other flavor. The meat also is in a couple of large pieces in packet that you have to cut up. Very tough do not waste your $19.00

  6. Anonymous

    It tastes good, but it is extremely salty!!

  7. Asma

    It tastes good, but it is extremely salty!!

  8. Mike

    Horrible. You have to chew each small piece you cut for 5 minutes and then pull out what is basically string.

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