Trader Joe’s Cajun Style Alfredo Sauce Reviews

(4 customer reviews)

Spicy and creamy Alfredo sauce with Cajun-style flavors.

4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cajun Style Alfredo Sauce Reviews

  1. Amanda

    Really weird, kind of earthy, off-putting taste. I guess a jarred alfredo is never good, but I thought the cajun flavor would help. But it didn’t even have a cajun or spicy flavor. We made this with linguine noodles and added our own seared shrimp. After the first few bites, we had to try to rescue the sauce by adding lemon juice, parmesan, and actual cajun hot sauce. But the sauce was so bad that we picked out the shrimp to re-season and eat separately and tossed the rest of the pasta. I hate to waste food but we just couldn’t keep eating it.

  2. Murr

    I’ve been looking for this sauce forever it is so good it’s the perfect amount of spice and is by far my fav Alfredo style sauce

  3. Brad

    Shit is horrible

  4. Chris

    Love this sauce but can not longer find it at Trader Joe’s….what happened?

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