Trader Joe’s All Butter Puff Pastry Reviews

(3 customer reviews)

Sheets of puff pastry for baking.


3 reviews for Trader Joe’s All Butter Puff Pastry Reviews

  1. Baker

    I’m in love. The flavor’s better than Pepperidge Farm’s, the price is good, and some genius rolled up the dough, rather than folding it into thirds and making it crack in just the wrong place.

    But it’s only offered for approximately the last two months of the year.

  2. Yums

    This dough is delicious and flaky and makes excellent, simple desserts. All you need is some sliced apples or pears and a dusting of sugar and spices. I wish, I wish, I wish that they sold it all year long!

  3. Nabila Petersen

    Best pate feuilletee in the US , please make it all year long not only during the holidays

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