Trader Joe’s Buffalo Style Chickenless Wings Reviews

(8 customer reviews)

Plant-based, sold in the frozen section.

8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Buffalo Style Chickenless Wings Reviews

  1. Warner S.

    I got these to have as a Super Bowl snack, and I wasn’t expecting too much. I’ve had so many different kinds of vegan “chicken” nugget type of things and some are wayyy better than others. I’m super used to them so I rarely outright dislike any, but I thought these would just be okay. I made them in the air fryer and to my surprise I thought they were absolutely delicious! Such a nice tender crunch of the breading, good size, and the buffalo sauce had the perfect tang without being too watery or too intensely spicy. Really delicious! I just wish they were made with pea protein instead of soy, but as for taste, yum.

  2. Anonymous

    Good flavor, great texture. Definitely not as good as Impossible or Beyond brand chicken replacement products, but still very enjoyable.

  3. Jane P.

    Flavor was ok, even though the after taste was very strong and not pleasant. The texture was disappointing. Not a fan of the soy and the super long ingredients list, would definitely not buy again.

  4. Anonymous

    Have you seen that ingredients list?! No thank you

  5. Nick M

    These vegan ‘wings’ are very good, and easy to make. Great with an air fryer. It’s nice they include Buffalo sauce too, and it’s actually a good flavor. They have a great texture and super close to the ‘real thing’. Someone wrote in a review that they were too much like chicken but I think that’s a good thing. I also think the people who are complaining about the ingredients didn’t actually read what the ingredients are. They’re not inherently bad ingredients- not to mention the ingredients list cover both the wings themselves as well as the Buffalo sauce; it just looks long because they break down the ingredients into their individual elements. That being said if you want to enjoy some good Buffalo ‘wings’ and are vegan or not these are a good bet.

  6. Anon

    Y’all…… I love buffalo wings, I love meat substitutes (generally), I love spice… but the way I haven’t had a solid poop since I ate these yesterday. Liquid lava has been shooting out of me for hours. I’m dehydrated. I need God and a doctor.

  7. Brett

    Best Vegan chicken I have had! Amazing!

  8. Megan H.

    These are SO GOOD!!! In my new top 3 favs. Will definitely get again, and often.

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