Trader Joe’s Buffalo Chicken Poppers Reviews

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10 pieces of white meat chicken wrapped in crispy fillo with spicy cheese filling.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Buffalo Chicken Poppers Reviews

  1. Lele

    I was excited to try these, but ended up so disappointed. First there is too much fillo dough, and even in the toaster oven it got super greasy. Second, the filling was awful, it had a foul gross taste I can’t explain. Not sure if the blue cheese did something to the mixture but I threw it away.

  2. Gail Tucker

    Horrible, huge waste of money! As the reviewer above said, way too much filo dough and they were greasy after being baked in the oven. I could hardly taste the filling, I kept trying to find some cheese in there, nope, just more dough. I ended up throwing mine away as well!

  3. Sarah

    The filling is awful! It does taste foul. I actually enjoyed the dough though

  4. Jack Hensley

    not only are these the best food at trader joes, I would claim these are the best freezer food I have ever had. Amazing! Trader joes please restock my location with more!

  5. Jenna

    Way too spicy to be called Buffalo! Absolutely disgusting would not recommend. I love buffalo and this was far too spicy and my mouth and throat and chest is still burning from one bite!

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