Trader Joe’s Brookie Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Brookie Reviews

  1. Jill

    OMG. They are to die for. Please keep them on your shelves!

  2. Griff

    Best Cookie Ever Invented.

    It’s a brownie / cookie hybrid, moist, delicious, rich layer of caked chocolate on the bottom.

    They should be illegal.

    What are you waiting for – show your support and buy a bunch, these need to be a permanent fixture at Joe’s!

  3. donna rose

    these are simply THE BEST dessert TJ’s has. YUM!

  4. tjsreviews

    Great texture, love the “bite-size” pieces, and a fun combination! I’ve never had a brookie anywhere else, so I don’t have much to compare this to as far as brownie-cookie combos go. However, on it’s own, it was a tasty dessert (and yeah, I hate like half of them super quickly!).

    Not the best dessert I’ve ever had, and I wish the cookie part had more chocolate chips. I might not choose it again over another different dessert that I like more, but I still definitely liked it overall!

  5. Cathy Olsen

    Super delicious! …Over ice cream, insanely delicious!!

  6. Athena

    Try freezing! Yummy!

  7. Ale

    Delicious! Perfect balance between a brownie and a cookie!

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