Trader Joe’s Breaded Cod Fillets Reviews

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15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Breaded Cod Fillets Reviews

  1. Gelato Jill

    These cods fillets have a crisp crust that browns nicely in the oven. The cooking time is exactly the same for the Trader Joe’s taters tots, so I usually make the two together for fish and chips. Cook the filets thoroughly. The coating is gooey when undercooked.

  2. Shara

    These are good with rice and a vegetable or in a sandwich with lettuce and tomato. We probably buy these every other week and are a go to when we want a quick yet tasty dinner.

  3. ArmchairCritic

    These are Excellent. They are of MUCH higher quality than the frozen fish fillets you can buy at standard supermarkets (brands like Gorton’s, Van de Kamp’s, Trident, Mrs Paul’s, etc). These are bigger, thicker, and made from one piece of fish (not minced), so it flakes nicely. And they’re not oily (like the Gorton’s stuff). I buy these all the time, and love them!

  4. John C Denison

    Baked in oven according to instructions. Dry and tasteless

  5. Ame


  6. Caran Hardy

    Cost: $7.49. Taste: VERY fishy. Had to throw away. VERY disappointed!!!!!!

  7. Serenity Guedel

    These are…okay. They truly are better than comparable breaded fish filets, but they are a little uninspired. I get them once in a blue moon when I feel like fish but don’t want to put in more complex effort. As for them tasting fishy…well…I’d be more concerned if they didn’t taste fishy. It’s FISH. Bake it, throw some tartar sauce on it, and it’ll do in a pinch for something different when everyone is bored of the same dinner rotation.

  8. Na

    We ate them about once every 2 weeks for about 4-5 years and really liked them. Quality was excellent and consistent. Something must have changed a couple years ago because the quality became increasingly inconsistent, some pieces were good, others terrible. We tried to remain faithful and give the benefit of the doubt but got burned once too often and finally quit buying about 6 months ago. A shame, because we really enjoyed them for years.

  9. Rhondine

    Better than what you buy in the supermarket. Great quality

  10. Rob

    Note to previous poster Caran Hardy. I have had many packages of TJ’s Cod and never experienced a fishy taste. It’s possible your package went through a thaw and refreeze process at some point. Occasionally I return things to TJ’s that I either hate the taste of there is quality problem. They never even ask what the problem is. No hassle and no reasons not to return if you are not happy. I don’t think they would reject anything even if you didn’t have a receipt.

  11. Gary

    We have enjoyed these for several years, and over the past 4 – 6 months, they are not in ANY of the stores. Every time we call, they say they’re on order. Anyone know why they can’t get them in the stores for so many months? A cod shortage maybe?

  12. R.

    Followed the cooking instructions, fish raw inside only cooked about 1/8in. First & last time buying these, garbage.

  13. Anonymous

    Better than Whole Foods battered cod fillets. Use convection heat to get a crunchy exterior. Don’t overcook or they will be dry.

  14. Susan Mann

    Better than Whole Foods battered cod fillets. Use convection heat to get a crunchy exterior. Don’t overcook or they will be dry.

  15. No name

    Terrible taste couldn’t eat them threw them all in garbage

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