Trader Joe’s Blue Cheese Chalkidiki Olives Reviews

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24 reviews for Trader Joe’s Blue Cheese Chalkidiki Olives Reviews

  1. Dave

    This is not a good product. The so called blue cheese is actually a spread of white whey cheese + milk + some very small % of blue cheese. So there is really zero blue cheese flavor. The label on the front of the jar is totally misleading.

  2. DDN

    Actually I thought they were pretty good. Then again I don’t eat straight blue cheese, but I do Roquefort. Creamy inside with a nice size olive, packed in oil.

  3. Isis

    Sooooo upset these were phased out!! Amazing! Even the oil they are packed in is delicious ❤❤❤

  4. Dave Calhoun

    I just went to the Stockton, CA Trader Joe’s especially to purchase several jars of these Delicious olives! I am an avid olive lover, and purchased my first jar of these olives just prior to a months vacation in Mexico. I believe I have purchased 4 bottles, and wanted to stock up once again…and was told they will not be carried. I am so sad to hear this, and am trying to find another supplies on line – thus far, I have been unsuccessful, and am hoping that Trader Joe’s might reconsider stocking them again in the near future….

  5. M Pedlow

    Just purchased a bottle in Scottsdale, AZ.

  6. MikeO

    Well I too am upset they were discontinued. Perfect finish for a Tito’s Martini. Bummer.

  7. robyn

    where can I find these in Colorado?

  8. pauline hansell

    I have had olives from around the world and these are the quintessential Olive. I can go on and on all day but if you are an olive lover you have to try them. I would expect nothing less then perfect with any Trader Joe’s product.

  9. Kate Robertson

    I LOVE these olives! The flavor is amazing.

    I tried them for the first time earlier in the summer. So sad that I can’t find them at Trader Joe’s anymore. I hope they come back!!

  10. Joshua Fullington

    Best Stuffed Olives I have ever had. I have been told they are seasonal. I keep checking my local Trader Joe’s for them to come back…I hope they do so i can stock up!

  11. Dani

    I love these olives and would buy two jars at a time and snack on. Soooo upset they were discontinued. I hope they bring them back!

  12. Bill R

    Absolutely awesome! Flavor, texture, etc. my favorite olives ever!
    I hope they bring them back but will search for them in other places under a different label.

  13. barbara baird

    I bought 12 jars last December and now I can’t restock. bummer! The giant Chalkidiki olives with pits packed in water that they now carry are not good.

  14. Danielle

    Just bought my first jar. I didnt read the label to se they were in oil instead of the normal brine I’m used to. They are good. I’m excited to try the heated on a pan as it says you can do on the side.

  15. Albert Horrigan

    They are the best olives!!! They are seasonal in the fall some time

  16. Bill

    I loved them and wish I could find a suitable replacement. Anyone with info?

  17. Sammy

    Made the mistake of using these olives for a dirty martini which entails adding a bit of olive juice to the vodka or gin and garnishing the cocktail with the olives. Holy oil slick, Batman! That was a massive mistake. I guess I will use the rest of the jar for antipasti.

  18. Margaret Binnard

    These are really good “blistered” in a hot skillet with a little lemon zest and shaved garlic. Nice addition to a charcuterie board.

  19. Laura M

    I love these. Best or the $$$. I buy a case because these are SEASONAL. They come once a year and just poof, fly. Usually in fall time.

  20. Joan b.

    Heavily oiled, blue cheese tastes like a spread of I don’t know what…..Trader Joe’s should remove this product from their shelves. Would not purchase again!

  21. Kristi Douglas

    Disappointed. I am a lover of both blue cheese and green olives but this product missed the mark. The olives are packed in a substandard sunflower oil, not olive oil, and the blue cheese is without much flavor.

  22. Anonymous

    Ruined 4 martinis with these disgusting oily abominations.

  23. Anonymous

    They’re the best, but it seems we can only get them around Christmas time‍♀️

  24. Bonnie

    I absolutely love these olives and would buy several jars of them as they are so hard to find! Best blue cheese, stuffed olives, I’ve ever tasted! One of the reasons I love these is that the blue cheese is not horribly strong. I could eat a jar of these as a snack!

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