Trader Joe’s Blue Cheese Chalkidiki Olives Reviews

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26 reviews for Trader Joe’s Blue Cheese Chalkidiki Olives Reviews

  1. Dave

    This is not a good product. The so called blue cheese is actually a spread of white whey cheese + milk + some very small % of blue cheese. So there is really zero blue cheese flavor. The label on the front of the jar is totally misleading.

  2. DDN

    Actually I thought they were pretty good. Then again I don’t eat straight blue cheese, but I do Roquefort. Creamy inside with a nice size olive, packed in oil.

  3. Isis

    Sooooo upset these were phased out!! Amazing! Even the oil they are packed in is delicious ❤❤❤

  4. Dave Calhoun

    I just went to the Stockton, CA Trader Joe’s especially to purchase several jars of these Delicious olives! I am an avid olive lover, and purchased my first jar of these olives just prior to a months vacation in Mexico. I believe I have purchased 4 bottles, and wanted to stock up once again…and was told they will not be carried. I am so sad to hear this, and am trying to find another supplies on line – thus far, I have been unsuccessful, and am hoping that Trader Joe’s might reconsider stocking them again in the near future….

  5. M Pedlow

    Just purchased a bottle in Scottsdale, AZ.

  6. MikeO

    Well I too am upset they were discontinued. Perfect finish for a Tito’s Martini. Bummer.

  7. robyn

    where can I find these in Colorado?

  8. pauline hansell

    I have had olives from around the world and these are the quintessential Olive. I can go on and on all day but if you are an olive lover you have to try them. I would expect nothing less then perfect with any Trader Joe’s product.

  9. Kate Robertson

    I LOVE these olives! The flavor is amazing.

    I tried them for the first time earlier in the summer. So sad that I can’t find them at Trader Joe’s anymore. I hope they come back!!

  10. Joshua Fullington

    Best Stuffed Olives I have ever had. I have been told they are seasonal. I keep checking my local Trader Joe’s for them to come back…I hope they do so i can stock up!

  11. Dani

    I love these olives and would buy two jars at a time and snack on. Soooo upset they were discontinued. I hope they bring them back!

  12. Bill R

    Absolutely awesome! Flavor, texture, etc. my favorite olives ever!
    I hope they bring them back but will search for them in other places under a different label.

  13. barbara baird

    I bought 12 jars last December and now I can’t restock. bummer! The giant Chalkidiki olives with pits packed in water that they now carry are not good.

  14. Danielle

    Just bought my first jar. I didnt read the label to se they were in oil instead of the normal brine I’m used to. They are good. I’m excited to try the heated on a pan as it says you can do on the side.

  15. Albert Horrigan

    They are the best olives!!! They are seasonal in the fall some time

  16. Bill

    I loved them and wish I could find a suitable replacement. Anyone with info?

  17. Sammy

    Made the mistake of using these olives for a dirty martini which entails adding a bit of olive juice to the vodka or gin and garnishing the cocktail with the olives. Holy oil slick, Batman! That was a massive mistake. I guess I will use the rest of the jar for antipasti.

  18. Margaret Binnard

    These are really good “blistered” in a hot skillet with a little lemon zest and shaved garlic. Nice addition to a charcuterie board.

  19. Laura M

    I love these. Best or the $$$. I buy a case because these are SEASONAL. They come once a year and just poof, fly. Usually in fall time.

  20. Joan b.

    Heavily oiled, blue cheese tastes like a spread of I don’t know what…..Trader Joe’s should remove this product from their shelves. Would not purchase again!

  21. Kristi Douglas

    Disappointed. I am a lover of both blue cheese and green olives but this product missed the mark. The olives are packed in a substandard sunflower oil, not olive oil, and the blue cheese is without much flavor.

  22. Anonymous

    Ruined 4 martinis with these disgusting oily abominations.

  23. Anonymous

    They’re the best, but it seems we can only get them around Christmas time‍♀️

  24. Bonnie

    I absolutely love these olives and would buy several jars of them as they are so hard to find! Best blue cheese, stuffed olives, I’ve ever tasted! One of the reasons I love these is that the blue cheese is not horribly strong. I could eat a jar of these as a snack!

  25. Nick

    Olives good, cheese bad, enough said.

  26. Lauren Himml

    I am so sad that I can’t buy these except during the holidays. I completely disagree that the cheese is subpar, or that the oil in unsuitable for a martini. Those are the BEST parts of these olives! My (Beefeater) martinis are not nearly as good after March (when my holiday stash typically is gone) as they are during the holidays. I guess it’s ok to have lighter (jalapeno) olives when the weather breaks, but boy do I LOVE (and miss) those little oil bubbles on the top of my martini. I think next time I will clean off the shelves when I have the chance to buy these!

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