Trader Joe’s Berries & Cherries Herbal Tea Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Berries & Cherries Herbal Tea Reviews

  1. Hilda

    this has been discontinues per the stores. Is it coming back?

  2. Vanessa Tojeiro

    pls bring this item back. Its amazing and no caffeine.

  3. Joyce Allison

    I LOVE this tea!!! I went to TJ’s tonight expressly to get some Berries and Cherries tea. So disappointed it’s been discontinued. Anywhere we can get something close? If I’d known I definitely would’ve stalked up.

  4. Sandra Baron

    It’s a unique fruit tea, bring it back, please!

  5. Stephanie Hill

    Please bring back your Berries and Cherries tea. I need a lovely bright cup of tea to take care of my winter blues.

  6. misch brannock

    Love this tea, I bought 5 tins last year and sent one to my niece in Ireland…if I knew they were going to discontinue it I would have bought 10 tins…
    This makes the most wonderful ice tea….
    Please bring it back this is the 2nd product I mourn..
    The first was an Apple Pie fully baked from the freezer section
    it was made in was wonderful tart/sweet just like home made…

  7. Kristi

    I also would like this tea to come back. It’s one of my comfort teas.

  8. Monica Crouch

    Please…I don’t know why is was discontinued, but I LOVE this tea. Please bring it back!

  9. Kelly

    I also love this tea, please please please bring it back. I have only 5 tea bags left and I have been sparing them but soon they will be no more. So so so sad…..

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