Trader Joe’s Beef Cabbage Rolls Reviews

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Simmered cabbage filled with seasoned beef, rice, and vegetables – sold in the frozen section.

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Beef Cabbage Rolls Reviews

  1. Debby Miller

    No great! Cabbage was super hard to citcand chewy.

  2. Debby Miller

    No great! Cabbage was super hard to eat and chewy.

  3. Lawrence Franko

    Agree with the above. Super disappointing. Cabbage was hard and difficult to chew. And the interior wasn’t very tasty nor generous.

  4. scoop

    THESE ARE HORRIFIC!!! If you look at the packaging, it looks like there’s sauce which is how i’ve had every cabbage roll i’ve ever eaten (I’m not an expert but know my way around one). They are watery, gross, soggy, gross, tasteless and gross!!! My house stinks!

  5. scoop

    These were so bad I’m adding a second review – the meat was gristly and the seasoning was powdery. There was no sauce just a pool of wet cabbage water – A LOT of it! SO GROSS!!!

  6. Long Time Cabbage Roll Eater

    Awful. Simply awful. They are tasteless and the cabbage is the toughest on the planet. I am not exaggerating, you need a good steak knife to cut it up. I couldn’t even bite off pieces with my teeth. The filling is tasteless. I cannot comprehend how this product could have made it to the shelves.

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