Trader Joe’s Bay Blend Coffee Reviews

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Ultra dark roast coffee.


23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Bay Blend Coffee Reviews

  1. Ryan Gerard

    Of all the coffee’s that I’ve tried at Trader Joe’s this one is by far the best flavor and the most body. As of March 2019 the cost is $12.99 for a large container of coffee. I’ve tried the Sumatra the Columbian and other dark roasts including French roast, but this one by far has the best flavor. I’ve also tried dark roasts from other places including sprouts, but the flavor was not as good as the Bay Blend from Trader Joes. Let it be known that this is a dark roast.

  2. JLB

    Due to the pandemic, for the first time, I ordered coffee online from a highly rated boutique roaster. I just tried my first cup of espresso. Dreadful. I paid a lot of money for something I won’t enjoy. Which gets me to my favorite all-time coffee: Trader Joe’s Bay Blend. This is a smooth ultra-dark blend with a natural cherry-hint flavor. Sounds corny, but every time I brew a cup in my espresso maker, I’m taken with the exquisite richness of this blend. And the cost is typically Trader Joe-affordable. After I’m done with my mail order dreck, I’m going to return to Trader Joe’s even if I have to don a hazmat suit.

  3. Carla J Taylor

    This is my go-to coffee now. It is the flavor I crave as I drift off to sleep, anticipating my first cup in the morning. Rich, dark and delicious.

  4. Liz Paddon

    So disappointed this product seems to have been discontinued. I drank Joe’s Dark for years which was discontinued so switched to the only other ultra dark bean which was Bay Blend, not realizing this too was on its way out of their coffee lineup. It’s superior to Joe’s Dark by far. Rich, dark, really satisfying with no extra flowery or fruity flavors. I do not care for French Roast – tastes burnt to me. I don’t see anything else on their coffee line up that compares if you like a full, dark (not French) roast bean. This was my number one item on my shopping list at TJ’s. Many excellent products but I will have to look elsewhere for coffee now, so it’s probable I won’t be doing my regular trips to TJs any more. SO disappointed!

  5. Lynn Rivera

    Stopped by TJs to get a can of whole bean Bay Blend & found it to be discontinued. We have drank that coffee for nearly 20 years and now have to find another…we don’t care for the French Roast especially at $2.00 more per can. I only stop at TJs 2-3 /month for coffee and end up shopping for other groceries…but now I really don’t have a reason to go. Please bring back Bay Blend!

  6. H Smith

    I am SO bummed Bay Blend has been discontinued! It’s the best coffee out there, and I’ve been buying it for at least 20 years. Ugh!

  7. Paul

    Best coffee they had, can’t believe it was discontinued. I hope it’s temporary, it was the whole reason we went out of our way to shop there.

  8. Constance Kamsler

    I almost started crying when the manager told me they discontinued Bay Blend. I’ve been drinking this coffee for years and any time I’ve ever tried something else it never compares. Why would they discontinue it? Let’s all bombard them with request for return of this coffee. This coffee was one of the main reasons I always shopped at Traders.

  9. Joanne Woscek

    This is blasphemy I tell you!! How are we supposed to start our day without our cup of Bay Blend Dark Roast? I’ve tried others and nothing comes close to this coffee. They going to blame this on Putin?

  10. Mary Ellen McMonigle

    The four B’s: Bring Back Bay Blend!!!!!

  11. D Rottschaefer

    Bring Back Bay Blend!

  12. Mary Catherine Crecco

    I can’t believe Trader Joe’s discontinued The Bay Blend coffee! It was by far the best coffee I have ever had. Now I have to go to Whole Food tomorrow to find something equal.

  13. Dale

    Bring Back Bay Blend!!

  14. jean karwelis

    my favorite coffee by far!!! and i am VERY ANGRY THAT YOU DROPPED IT! i probably wont shop at trader joes anymore

  15. Mary Ann

    So upset to learn TJ discontinued Bay Blend. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back maybe with new packaging to refresh its look.

  16. scott

    Heartbroken when I was told that empty spot on the shelf was permanent. It was my house coffee AND espresso forever. I traveled with it. So good. Sigh… It now joins the recently discontinued products that were staples in my home for well over a decade…like the Double Roasted Salsa and the Chocolate-covered Pretzel Thins. RIP. PS: There does not seem to be a Dark Roast whole coffee on the shelf that fills the void! :- (

  17. Mark

    You dropped Bay Blend, which… okay, whatever, but you’ve got no alternative for those of us who don’t like your French Roast. Meaning, you’ve now lost us as coffee customers. So that means I’m no longer committed to shop at TJ’s for other things, either, as the Bay Blend was WELL worth the trip.

    Come up with an alternative, tout suite, or better yet? Bring back Bay Blend. I’m now left to search around for a new coffee, when I was an ironclad Bay Blendite who wasn’t expecting to have to go through this. Gee. Thanks.

  18. M Chassler

    Trader Joes Bay Blend coffee was the best coffee – not just at trader joes, but that I’ve found thus far – including all the snobby expensive coffees I’ve tasted. Trader Joes MUST bring it back. I too have stopped shopping there – because really i can get everything else anywhere else – and with less plastic to boot. I left a message on site – let’s all do it. I can’t see how else to get them to bring it back. Bring Bay Blend Back!!

  19. Catherine StClaire

    For the seven years I lived in Europe I missed two things, my favourite beach (Paradise Cove) and Trader Joe’s.
    My love affair is over with Trader Joe’s!
    For more than 20th years I have started my day with TJ’S Bay Blend Coffee. It has been a source of joy, and something that I can count to be perfect in a Very imperfect world.
    Well, No More!
    Bay Blend has been discontinued, and with no warning (so that I might stock up), and now the thought of shopping at Trader Joe’s just infuriates me!
    I think that the reasons they give for discontinuing Bay Blend are B.S., and to top it off, when I called corporate, the uncaring twit was rude to me.
    I don’t stay in relationships that discount me and my wants and needs, and at this point of my life, that includes Trader Joe’s.
    I suppose the loss my $150 to $200 a week means nothing to them, but we have two voices that count; how we vote, and how, and where we spend our money…

  20. TS Hunter

    Please – for the love of humanity – bring back Bay Blend. Not all of us like medium roast or light roast coffee. At my local TJ’s I counted 5 different medium roast blends. I am another customer who would make special trips to TJs to purchase cans of Bay Blend over the course of 25 + years.

  21. W. Thomas

    Please bring back Bay Blend. It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had. I am so disappointed.

  22. R. Tucker

    Very disappointed that Bay Blend was discontinued!! We have been drinking it for years and have not find any coffee comparable. Please BRING BACKD BAY BLEND!!!

  23. Scooter

    What were you guys thinking? Bay Blend has been my “go-to” for 20+ years, and now, just like that, it’s gone. I agree with many others here – the French Roast is inferior, and you have no other choice for dark roast coffee. Guess I will also have to shop elsewhere. Really disappointing.

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