Trader Joe’s Bay Blend Coffee Reviews

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Ultra dark roast coffee.


3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Bay Blend Coffee Reviews

  1. Ryan Gerard

    Of all the coffee’s that I’ve tried at Trader Joe’s this one is by far the best flavor and the most body. As of March 2019 the cost is $12.99 for a large container of coffee. I’ve tried the Sumatra the Columbian and other dark roasts including French roast, but this one by far has the best flavor. I’ve also tried dark roasts from other places including sprouts, but the flavor was not as good as the Bay Blend from Trader Joes. Let it be known that this is a dark roast.

  2. JLB

    Due to the pandemic, for the first time, I ordered coffee online from a highly rated boutique roaster. I just tried my first cup of espresso. Dreadful. I paid a lot of money for something I won’t enjoy. Which gets me to my favorite all-time coffee: Trader Joe’s Bay Blend. This is a smooth ultra-dark blend with a natural cherry-hint flavor. Sounds corny, but every time I brew a cup in my espresso maker, I’m taken with the exquisite richness of this blend. And the cost is typically Trader Joe-affordable. After I’m done with my mail order dreck, I’m going to return to Trader Joe’s even if I have to don a hazmat suit.

  3. Carla J Taylor

    This is my go-to coffee now. It is the flavor I crave as I drift off to sleep, anticipating my first cup in the morning. Rich, dark and delicious.

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