Trader Joe’s Basmati Rice Medley Reviews

(41 customer reviews)

41 reviews for Trader Joe’s Basmati Rice Medley Reviews

  1. b golas

    why can’t I find this except at Amazon?

  2. Wes

    This was one of those rare TJ’s products where I just had to get rid of the rest after trying it once. I thought it would be delicious, but something about the combination of herbs was extremely gross to me, and didn’t go together at all — a weird combo of bad tastes.

  3. Walter Watson

    This has been a regular staple of our for many years. LOVE IT!!!!

  4. David

    This is essential to have in your pantry. It goes with most everything as a side dish and everyone I serve it to loves it!

  5. Ms. charlie King

    I love it, love it and love it. been buying it for years but now I cant find it except at Amazon and 3 to 4 times the price. very SAD

  6. George

    Another great product bites the dust. Please bring it back!!!!!!!

  7. Alina

    This is an amazing product, why is no longer available? It tastes great.
    Please bring it back

  8. John Thomas

    Yes, I got the sad news that Trader Joe will no longer sell the product. But why? It is a great product proven to be so by all the positive reviews written all over! Trader Joe is a traitor to its loyal customers! Bring this product back, please!

  9. Andrey


  10. Cyndi Masters

    Please bring this rice back!!! My family loves it. We do not have a Trader Joes in the Myrtle Beach area and have to travel 1.5- 2 hrs to the closest store to buy this product, but it was worth the trip. Very disappointing to find out it has been discontinued.:(

  11. Susan Reglin

    This is one of our staples!!! Please bring it back. So disappointed that we can’t get it anymore!!! I would buy a dozen at a time whenever we were near a Trader Joe’s.

  12. Jill Lane

    So sad this is gone. My favorite rice dish ever.

  13. StacyM

    I keep checking posts to see if it’s been brought back.. PLEASE bring it back!! This is one of the items that I ALWAYS had in the pantry!

  14. Darrendisee

    Discover the best ever for free!

  15. Dawn Gabrielson

    Discontinued?! Oh man, no wonder I can’t find this anymore. Please bring this back – it’s the BEST!!!!

  16. laura

    Please bring this back!!! Used it for years and loved it!

  17. Susan

    Wow! Do I miss this product!! Would give it 10 stars. Hope it will be back soon.

  18. Karen P Zeigler

    My 88 year old father LOVED your rice and it was easy for him to eat. He has only 8 teethI would LOVE to get him a few bags if I knew where to get. Please PLEASE bring it back.

  19. LuLu

    We are so saddened that this wonderful product is no longer available. We hope that Trader Joe’s will reconsider their decision to discontinue offering this amazing product and bring it back. We LOVED it!

  20. Linda Martin

    I would drive quite a distance to Trader Joe’s to get several bags of this rice and buy lots of other items since I was there. Since this rice has been discontinued I no longer drive there to shop. I tried the brown rice and it was horrid!

  21. Patty Sweet

    Please, please bring this yummy rice back! It’s the only rice I like!

  22. Claire Fullam

    Please bring this rice back!!! It is the most delicious rice medley I’ve ever eaten. It was a staple in my house for many years. I’m so sad it was discontinued. There is nothing close in comparison.

  23. Carol

    This is the best rice. I miss it terribly. Can’t understand why it is no longer available. I’ve tried to find a replacement and have not been successful. Can’t you please bring it back?

  24. HELEN


  25. Marty Desmond

    I also cannot believe that TJ’s discontinued the rice medley. I also would travel a great distance to buy several bags of this rice, and subsequently purchase many other items. Since this product is no longer available I do not travel the distance just to buy “other” products. Shame on TJ’s.

  26. Pam

    I loved this product!!!!! Kept it in the pantry all the time. So sad!!!!

  27. Dana Heise

    Love this product so much! Please bring it back!!!!

  28. Ann

    perfect every time…please bring back this product



  30. Galen

    TJ’s needs to bring this back! I used it when I made a copycat recipe of Panera’s Chicken Wild Rice soup. It was perfect for that!

  31. Kate

    Please bring back this rice!!!

  32. Anonymous

    This was great rice! Everyone at my house love it.

  33. Carolyn B

    This was one of THE BEST rice I have had!!! PLEASE BRING IT BAVK!!!

  34. Ra


  35. Susan Brooks

    I miss this rice so much! Please please bring it back!

  36. Stan

    Please, please, please bring it back !!!

  37. Aurelia Evette Salazar

    I really miss this basmati rice blend…I would always drive to Trader Joe’s just for this specific item…it was very flavorful and very healthy. Nothing else was as good as this specific blend. PLEASE LISTEN TO ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS WHO ARE REQUESTING THIS ITEM BE BROUGHT BACK ON THE SHELVES!!!

  38. Paulette Berkshire

    Can someone explain why this product was discontinued. It is a delicious side dish and we miss it.

  39. Anonymous

    Why did they discontinue this! This is where I got into my Anger Faze because as a toddler my family would feed this as a side dish for me and the first time I tried it I fell in love with it! And I’m about 12 now and I still miss it and I can’t forget the heartbreak when me and my mom and dad went to Traider joes to get the exact thing but when we asked a employee about where’d it go he said it was discontinued me and literally toddler me burst into tears because my favorite thing was gone because even as a kid the BASMATI RICE MEDLEY was one of my favorite meals to where for some days it was my main meal and I’m angry and sad they discontinued it but now I’m truly P!seed Off and I hate Karen’s but I’m basically at the edge where I might become one.

  40. Martha Holt

    Bought in quantities when in Nashville at Trader Joe’s! One of their best and highly rated products! Who Is the company trying to cater to?

  41. Susan

    Please bring this back! Loved it, bought it for years and would make a special trip just to stock up on it!

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