Trader Joe’s Bananas Bananas Candy Reviews

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Banana shaped milk chocolate filled with banana flavored creme and cocoa nibs.


6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Bananas Bananas Candy Reviews

  1. Kate t

    Absolutely delicious! I love all those banana, but this was an incredible surprise at how sweet they were. In fun chocolate covered banana shape. The inside is a cream, not gummy. Would 10/10 recommend.

  2. Anonymous

    Too sweet for me. Bananas are already sweet and the milk chocolate takes the sweetness over the top. Banana flavor is definitely prominent. There is a slight gritty texture from the nibs.

  3. Camille S

    Way too sweet ! I love bananas, love chocolaté, and absolutely love the frozen version . However, those are not good :/
    Please consider reducing the amount of sugar !!!

  4. Khushi

    Absolutely delicious. I had all of them in one sitting. For everyone saying it is too sweet, it is supposed to be candy-like hence the name. It is amazing and very addiction. I love the niblets in the banana cream. 10/10, hopefully this one stays and they do not discontinue it.

  5. Rebekah

    The perfect combination of chocolate & bananas! Very yummy!

  6. Cait

    These remind me of a banana chocolate cookie I used to have as a kid, but without the biscuit layer. The banana is NOT subtle, so I don’t recommend unless you like bananas. It is sweet, but a nice blend of both flavors and texturally very interesting too. I liked biting through the chocolate to the creamy banana middle.

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