Trader Joe’s Balsamic Glazed Bone-In Beef Short Ribs Reviews

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Fully cooked in a balsamic garlic and onion glaze.


6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Balsamic Glazed Bone-In Beef Short Ribs Reviews

  1. Norah Nelson

    Beef falls off the bone before you even serve it! Tasty balsamic glaze. You’ll need a bun to soak up the sauce! Two pouches in box; two bones in each pouch. We serve one pouch per serving which then gives us 2 meals. Down side – $8.99/lb – NOT for the box! Our box cost us $27.87.

  2. Grazia Kelly

    I will never buy this again. I literally got all bone. Just 2 bites of meat. Maybe I got a bad box but I’m not willing to pay another $26.00 !

  3. Chrissie Hansen

    I agree with Grazia Kelly. All fat and bones. I got one bite of meat from two ribs. Horrible

  4. Meg Wilson

    I cooked these according to directions on an electric tabletop grill. I wish I had seen the reviews that said to cook them in the air fryer because maybe that would have been better? But this was a pile of fat and bones. 80% of it went in the trash. The entire bag did not make up a meal for one person. I’m sorry, I love the trader Joe’s cult is much as the next person but this was really really dreadful.

  5. Anonymous

    Good balance of meat and fat that was fall off the bone tender. Unfortunately for me the glaze was just too sweet. As someone who does not like added sweetness I would not repurchase.

  6. Anonymous

    Do not recommend! Mostly fat and chewy.

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