Trader Joe’s All For One, One For All Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash Reviews

(23 customer reviews)

23 reviews for Trader Joe’s All For One, One For All Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash Reviews

  1. Wes

    I bought this on a whim when I was running out of, you guessed it, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, all around the same time. I like it! I’m usually suspicious of three-in-ones, because it can seem doubtful that one product could do a good job at cleaning your hair, conditioning it, and as a body wash, but this does the trick. The smell is very subtle, which I don’t mind. It almost smells very faintly of bubble gum.

    I’ve found it to be perfectly effective as a shampoo/conditioner as well as a body wash. It’s nice that the container is so big so it can last awhile.

  2. carmella

    I am a bath & body addict, so naturally, I had to throw this into my shopping cart! I like that it is pH balanced, safe for color-treated hair, hypoallergenic, free of parabens and sodium lauryl and/or lauryl sulfates. Inspire of that, it has great lather & “creaminess” to it. Lightly scented and pleasant.
    As for hair, I have longish hair & still needed to use a conditioner/detangler as I found it didn’t do the job for me there & left my long damaged hair feeling like straw.
    A GREAT buy for this huge bottle. I bought another to have on hand!
    Four star rating only because of the claim that it conditions hair & it did not, in my case.

  3. Alice

    Works well as a body wash but HORRIBLE on hair! I have waist-long hair and this left it coated with a sludgy film. I had to wash my hair twice with a clarifying shampoo to get the sludge out of my hair.

  4. Amysoo

    My husband loves this stuff. Likes that it is 3 in 1 but says the pump itself should be bigger. Smells good…

  5. James

    This all-in-one and one for all does work as it stated. It cleans hair with balance conditioning. It is especially good to busy people who do not have much time for using 3 products. It also cleans body with soft and moisturizing skin feel. In addition, the price is so good and it is save money and save time.

  6. Jan

    Like the smell, it isn’t overpowering. For someone with chin length hair, the conditioner portion is just perfect. I like the all in ones because it really does save me time. Bought a bottle for my little niece and she loves using it.

  7. Mike

    I love this product because it’s all in one. It is so much simpler having only one bottle instead of three (which will surely all run out at different times). I also love the smell and the conditioning effect it has. I will definately buy again!

  8. Katie

    It’s a perfect choice for my family. So convenient! It also provides great skin feel and moisturizing hair for all day. Bottle is a little to big for traveling.

  9. Amanda

    I LIVE by this product. Been using it for over a year now as shampoo, conditioner, and shaving cream and it does the job better than any individual product I’ve bought. I have short hair, so it lasts forever. It’s biodegradable, color safe, and free of any nasty chemicals. It’s been good for my colored hair and also leaves my skin so soft. The scent is also subtle but lovely. Great as a minimalist substitute for four different products. Also the price is SUCH A BARGAIN!

  10. Anca

    Don’t use this on your hair. It will leave a residue, weigh your hair down, and make it more difficult to run your fingers/brush through your hair. If you wash your hair with this you can wave goodbye to soft hair. I’m going back to a moisturizing shampoo as soon as possible. As a bodywash, it’s good enough.

  11. Sheri Montana

    This is the best body wash i have ever used. Have even washed my makeup off with this. Men in my house love it too. Great for men’s hair and beards.

  12. Deborah Spector

    I can’t open the darned thing! I twisted the cap around and around in the direction of the arrow, I pushed it, I pulled it, I twisted it some more and it won’t open!!!!

  13. Kathy Richardson

    We can’t open it either! I had to pour it in another dispenser.

  14. frankthebaldguy

    I am frankthebaldguy. If the pump is stuck (as temperature, pressure, and humidity changes will do to plastic pumps), use a of needle nose plier to hold the part of the cap that is smaller in circumference than the part that screws into to bottle. If you don’t have a needle nose plier, next outing stop and get one. I live in the Northeast and the weather sucks! Trader Joe’s totally rules!!! And this soap is awesome.

  15. Kelly

    Same issue, smells clean, would love to use it but we can’t get it open. There are no instructions on which way to turn the pump to release the lock either. After decades of buying Trader Joe’s products this is my first issue. Please help! Which way, clockwise? Counter clockwise? We are in CA with almost no humidity today.

  16. Sabrina

    I love TJs tea tree shampoo, but I like to switch up hair product usage, as I find it helps prevent oily buildup on my fine hair. Like others have mentioned, I don’t usually go for 3-in-1 products, but the price point for this huge bottle made it an easy sell.

    * Don’t need to use a lot to get a good lather and clean on your hair
    * unlike others have said, it did not leave a residue or heaviness on my hair
    * the scent is gentle, and when used as a body wash, works great on my sensitive skin
    *left my hair feeling clean, soft, and shiny

    * there is only one con for me… the pump is so bloody difficult to open! I’ve showered multiple times since purchasing and only got it to open today. A lot of pushing down hard *while* turning the pump head in the direction of the arrow on the top of the pump. Definitely annoying and more difficult than it needs to be.

    Would I buy it again? Absolutely! Aside from the difficult time opening it, the product is definitely worth it.

  17. arun

    bad design for opening the pump.. reducing a star for the poor design..

  18. Aloha Ritch

    HOW TO RELEASE THE PUMP: Sabrina (September 10, 2020) showed me the way. (Suggestion? Allow us to attach pictures…worth a thousand words.)
    1. Notice the Arrow OPEN on the top to indicate you turn the pump counter clockwise.
    2. Open the bottle and pull up the plunger apparatus to where you see a part of the tube that looks flat, like a Nut. (No need to take it all out and lose product! Just have your pliers at hand)
    3. Use any pliers to grasp that “nut” and then turn the pump top counter clockwise (as faintly shown on the top) and you will see how easily the pump begins to rise, releasing the pump, TO PUMP!!
    * Love Trader Joe’s! Let’s get one in HENDERSONVILLE, NC to relieve the Asheville store (that has no parking)! Bet a HVL loction could outsell the one in Greenville SC, although that’s an awesome store. A Great Captain!

  19. Michael

    Soap should NOT be this complicated to open. Come on…

  20. Andrew

    If you are struggling to open the pump make sure the pump is tightly fastened to the bottle and the top will open with ease.

  21. Cherie Rawlins

    After recently having spent almost $75 (between my companion and I) on some of the lovely shampoos and body wash, and lotions that are out there in their lush fragrance-promising beautiful containers (which open easily) promising smooth, skin, (and maybe even soul) soothing life changing experiences, today I rummaged around and found my old TJ 3 in 1 container. I realize now how much I missed it.
    (It works well with my hair as shampoo, and I do not notice the presence or absence of conditioning.)
    What I have been dealing with for some time is what I think has been an inflammation attack that has resulted in very sensitive skin along with the rest of me. The nicest, most luxurious body wash and shampoos have rendered my skin with itchy rashes all over the place. I finely realized that my newly arthritic joints and inflamed eyes were acting up too, and that PH balance may be the key. I tried TJ’s ‘ONE FOR ALL” again today, and so far okay. It is PH balanced and I hope it will help. The scent is okay the texture is okay, I may be able to afford it, and I sure hope it helps.(I had no idea how much I would miss TJs when the pandemic started. )

  22. Phil

    Pump was a problem for me until I tightened the pump apparatus to the bottle as tightly as I could. Then I twirled the top of the pump a few times until it popped up. Rather frustrating but ultimately took only a few seconds. you twirl the pump in a counter clockwise motion a few times and it pops up on its own.

  23. Anonymous

    I purchased after reading reviews. Im use to more mainstream body washes so this was a mixed bag. The scent is clean, not fragrant or sweet which I prefer as a guy. This wash leaves me silky, not squeeky. I prefer squeeky clean since my skin tends to be oily anyway. Its late winter right now so maybe silky is important but when the summer comes Id rather be squeeky. After this finishes I will try the tea tree body wash to compare and review.

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