Trader Joe’s Active Dry Yeast Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Active Dry Yeast Reviews

  1. Bob

    My wife used it for making bread and cake and it worked well.
    Unfortunatelly, today I was going to buy more and couldn’t find it. I asked one of the TJ’s workers about it and she told this item is a seasonal product…!!! I couldn’t believe it! Dry yeast a seasonal item… I really am having a hard time believing that… 😉

  2. Linda

    I experienced the same thing.
    I bought it around the holidays. When I needed more (about mid Feb), I was told it was seasonal.
    Trader Joe’s – we want yeast all year long!!!

  3. Sophie

    It’s yeast, it does its job well. The bread dough rises as expected.

  4. Amanda

    Boyfriend went in today with my shopping list and he was told yeast was seasonal still! What season is that exactly? Not winter if they are out of it before January 1!

  5. Kathy Jolly

    I was delighted with Trader Joes’s baking yeast, it worked very well. How disappointing to learn they stock it before Christmas only! January & February are baking months, it’s cold outside! TJoe’s has flour, eggs, butter, sugar…no yeast? What?!

  6. West Coast Sally

    Exactly!! Would appreciate some pandemic pantry help. Want to see if we can make out own pizza dough.

    Just like ya said
    TJoe’s has flour, eggs, butter, sugar…no yeast? What?!

  7. Billy

    Make yeast a staple item!! Especially during this crazy pandemic!

  8. Anonymous

    We need yeast!!! Please!!!

  9. Ama

    Is this yeast instant?

  10. kathy Deyoe

    i ve gone 6 packets of yeast now that i just bought from trader joes 2 days ago and it wont activate, wasted the flower butter ect prepping waiting for yeast to activate and foam up in 110 degrees like instructions say to activate and doesnt do anything, dissapointed

  11. Melinda Roeleveld

    First of all, the “seasonality” thing is stupid (like little packets of yeast take so much room to store), but when they have it, it does not work well. I will NOT ever buy it again. My bread is always “flat” when I use their yeast. Aldi’s is great.
    However…I am a big TJ fan and will continue to buy most of their other products 😉

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