Trader Joe’s 7 Salts of the Earth Reviews

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Kalahari Desert, Hawaiian Black Lava, Hawaiian Red, Inca Sun, Blue Persian, Himalayan Pink, and South African Smoked salt.


6 reviews for Trader Joe’s 7 Salts of the Earth Reviews

  1. Lanny Goodwin

    Cannot find any information on the differences and uses of each of these salts. Very frustrating. I know that they’re for cooking, but that tells me nothing.

  2. Douglas Einer

    I would also like more Consumer Information about these salts.

    Maybe even an ‘Ancient Practitioner’ Guide as to traditional uses of salt/s in ceremonial ways as well.

  3. Susan

    I got this as a gift but am hesitant to use it as it is VERY important that it not contain gluten and there is no information about the contents. It is hard to believe, for example that South African Oak Smoked Salt has not been processed with “something”!

    I cannot give this a higher rating until its contents are included or explained

  4. Andrew J

    It should come with food suggestions for each salt.

  5. Jules

    This was a wonderful product that I wish they would bring back. I have to laugh at some of the other reviews. I don’t understand why Trader Joe’s needs to provide the burden of responsibility for suggesting HOW to use the salt. Um… how you you simply google it? Or taste it yourself and see what might go well with it? The nutritional label comment got me laughing. Sorry but, no salt is going to come with a label saying that it’s gluten free. No info on how to use the salt?…. come on. It’s SALT, not poison.

  6. SJ

    The blue persian Salt reminded me of Fleur de Sal. It is so delicate and should be a finishing salt.

    Also the smoked salt was amazing. I have had Hawaiian smoked salt but not African. I can’t tell a difference.

    The black salt was a bit weird. Would not recommend. I thought it was the one with the eggy taste, good for vegans. But no it’s just salt with carbon. Weird gritty taste. My least favorite of the 7.

    The other ones were all fairly similar.

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