Trader Joe’s 2% Plain Greek Yogurt Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s 2% Plain Greek Yogurt Reviews

  1. tjsreviews

    Good, solid greek yogurt. For some reason, I still prefer the Fage, but not enough to buy it instead since the TJ’s brand is less expensive…

  2. Gelato Jill

    This yogurt has just enough fat to balance out the flavor so I can eat it on its own or mixed with fruit. It also tastes great as a topping for savory dishes.

  3. Matt Herold

    I eat this every a.m. with Greek honey (sadly not available at TJ’s) and TJ’s Chia seeds. I agree with another reviewer who said Fage is better. i agree, Fage is custardy and smooth. This is slightly tart but for a better price and the fact that TJ’s is half a block away from me this is easier to get so I buy it.

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