Trader Joe’s 100% Cranberry Juice Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s 100% Cranberry Juice Reviews

  1. Susan

    I am doing a project where I review one Trader Joe’s project per day for all of 2015. This juice is one of the FEW products that got a ZERO rating – the worst possible. You can read the review here:

  2. Anthony

    what countries is this juice grown and made???

  3. Barbara

    This juice is NOT Cocktail and contains no sweetener. Buyer beware! Cranberries are sour little things. They are also, for me, at least, a great alternative to constant dosing with antibiotics for chronic UTIs. I mix the juice about 1/5 with seltzer or San Pellegrino. Over a period of several months, my UTI disappeared. I cannot prove anything but co-relation, but I will continue to buy this juice weekly. It is also refreshing when diluted this way.

  4. Hilda

    Isn’t that a long time to have a UTI. A few months?

  5. See A Doctor

    THIS IS A PUBLIC HEALTH ANNOUNCEMENT: A doctor can give you medicine to help you clear up a UTI in a day or two (usually one dose is enough but you must take about a week’s worth to make sure the infection is fully gone). An untreated UTI can in some cases turn into sepsis and result in death. A few months is way too long to let an infection go untreated.

  6. James

    Unless you have the sugar obsessed taste buds of a toddler, this is one of the best tart juices on the market. Healthy & affordable!

  7. Elias

    No doubts about the healthy traits of this juice. I find it disturbing that there is 0% vitamin C in the label.

  8. BAS

    Ohmygosh I hated this. I love 100% cranberry juice with no added sugar, but this tasted like straight SALT to me. Not pucker-y or sour, but SALT. It was horrible. Ugh.

  9. Christine

    Agree with other reviewers. I like unsweetened juices yet I just tasted this for the first time and would’ve thrown it out thinking it was tainted had I not read these reviews—almost tastes like straight vinegar! “TART” is putting it mildly. I’m going to chase with sparkling water—at least 50:50; otherwise, I believe it is so acidic it might blow a hole straight through my esophagus! (Funny, not funny.) Seriously. Will not buy again. Ever.

  10. Sean M. Brannon

    This stuff is great! You just need to know how to drink it.

    I always end up diluting cranberry cocktail because it’s too sweet. With this I can control the juice concentration and sweetness. I find a 1:10 ratio of juice to water to be perfect, followed by eight drops of 25% Sucralose, and ice in a 32oz glass.

    Wal-Mart sells Knudsen-branded juice in the exact same bottle, with the exact same printing on the lid, making me believe they are from the same producer. Trader Joe’s bottle costs $3.99, while the Knudsen at Wal-Mart is $7.54.

  11. Suzanne

    Great juice add to glass of ice, 1/4 cranberry juice to 3/4 water and squeeze of lime. Add seltzer if you need bubbles, but the best drink and also, good for fat flushing, (see Fat flush diet).

  12. cranberryuser

    Some people gave 0 rating, but they admitted that they had it first time.
    Those, who tasted cranberry whole or home made juice they know the taste. It is not to enjoy drinking. The juice is for medicine and it taste like medicine. I drink the juice for my gout inflammations. And since it is hard to drink it as is, I mix it 50/50 with tart cherry juice. 🙂

  13. Sandy B

    I swear by this stuff for Gout pain & high Uric Acid. Before I knew there are Rx for controlling Uric Acid, this was my only go to, but NEVER drink these straight unless u want ur throat & upper HI stripped of lining. Recipe is 14-16oz Water + 2-3 Tbsp CJ + Splenda, Monk Fruit, or Truvia, honey or Agave – drink within an 8 hr day. Look up the stats on CJ and u will see it helps all forms of inflammation. The little gems are God’s gifts to us, so drink it everyday! Thank u TJs for selling such a good medicine in bottle form, but I agree with the other commenter – please post the Vit C amts at some point.

  14. Donna LaRae

    Disappointing! Way too sweet and apples are over cooked. Do you have a recommendation? During the holidays you had an apple pie with crumbles on it and I loved it and so did everyone to whom I served. I understand that it was seasonal. Can you offer something less sweet, no fake sweeteners or mushy please.

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