Tejava Original Black Iced Tea Reviews

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4 reviews for Tejava Original Black Iced Tea Reviews

  1. Sophie

    Good basic unsweetened tea. There is no funky aftertaste, just tea.

  2. Paul

    Best iced tea bang for the buck. “Pure Leaf” by Lipton has gotten a bit better and is slightly cheaper but they use so much lemon flavor, it sometimes overpowers the tea-taste. Whereas, Tejava just uses water and Java-ian tea leaves. You can even add ice and it won’t water down Tejava. Pure Leaf could be even better if they just got rid of that over-lemony flavor.

  3. CVS

    I really like this tea; I buy it all the time. The only challenge is that I can’t open the bottle without some sort of device to open the bottle. My hands (and those of many others I’ve asked for help with this) simply can’t open it by hand. I hope you can let the manufacturer know that this needs to be remedies. I don’t have a bottle opener with me at all times.

  4. Rose

    The flavors Changed, much lighter and not as fragrant as before.

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