Scar Pier Panettone with Coffee Cream and Coffee Flavored Chocolate Chip Reviews

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23 reviews for Scar Pier Panettone with Coffee Cream and Coffee Flavored Chocolate Chip Reviews

  1. Thania

    I desperately want one of these and they’re run out in Fl! Anybody out there willing to send me that extra one you have? I’ll pay for it!!!

  2. Christine Stavropoulos

    superb – better tham almost any i have ever tasted

  3. Mary

    My family went crazy for this one-hopeTJ’s brings back next year!!

  4. Dyanna McGuire

    I don’t like panettone but I LOVE this one. Perfect with a cup of coffee. Soft and moist, fabulous coffee cream flavor. Hope TJ’s has it next year. Wish they had it all year long.

  5. Kathleen kenny

    The best cake EVER!

  6. Lyn

    The Scar Pier Coffee Cream Panettone is AMAZING! Yummy!

  7. Belladonia K Mortensen

    Our local store in Boise Idaho just told us they discontinued this item! Noooooo!!!! We bought this every year and kept it on our coffee table until Christmas morning. It was the first gift we’d unwrap and have with our coffee while the kids unwrapped their gifts. A tradition we looked forward to every year now gone… If this is in any other store, I would gladly pay for it plus shipping to have one this year.

  8. Ramona

    This was a lovely and tasty panettone that I got as a present every year from a neighbor. This year, they discontinued it! I have no idea why and would love Trader Joe’s to reconsider and have it brought back for the next holiday season.

    It also made a fabulous bread pudding!

  9. isabella

    I miss this dearly. Please bring it back this year TJ’s.

  10. April Caldwell

    I keep hoping and waiting this will appear again! It is the best!!!! Please bring it back!

  11. Sorelle

    World plus has a similar back up option but not as good

  12. wendy

    Most delicious item and family favorite! TJ’s did not have the coffee cream this year and instead had the chocolate cream. Fingers crossed that it is as good as the coffee cream! I usually buy about 5 and give them as gifts because everyone wants one!

  13. Anonymous

    I am so sad that TJ discontinued this coffee panettone because it was so good, and I had been waiting for Christmas each year for this cake. This year, TJ decide to sell the same brand but in chocolate flavor instead. Why? Why cant you import coffee flavor too!?

  14. Sandy G.

    This is the very best of the best. Scar Piero always hits a homerun with their panettone at my house. I know a terrific panettone (being Italian) so if you enjoy something sweet with your coffee, this will strike a major chord of yumminess unmatched by others. I wish they had this all year long!

  15. Marco

    The 2018 version was sublime. I think they changed recipe in 2021. It really tastes awful.

  16. Anonymous

    The 2018 version was sublime. I think they changed recipe in 2021. It really tastes awful. It’s a pity, it was a good product before

  17. Ali

    The best ever! Ever! I love it so much! Who made it. Wow!!!!

  18. Jen

    So good! Like a big fluffy brioche with soft chocolatey chips strewn throughout. I shared this with my family so that I didn’t eat the whole thing myself! 🙂

  19. Mary

    I sort of like pannetone but never like the fruit, just the flavor of the dough. Well, this chocolate one from Scar Pier is too good to be true. I am going to order some from Italy direct. And if by chance, I can not get it from this company, I will make some! Thank you Trader Joes for turning us on to this more than delicious pastry.

  20. Andre Golard

    This was one of the best I have ever had.

  21. Marsi Angelina

    Amazing. A must try item that is elegant, delicious and a total surprise! Great gift that is sincerely appreciated and talked about.

  22. Lisa

    Scar Pier, your Panettone Cioccolato this year is unforgettable!! Loved everything from the elegant bread, creamy chocolate liquer, rich dark chocolate surprises to the beautiful packaging! Wished I bought more than one! Thank you!!

  23. Bill

    Best EVER!!!!! Why not stock them year round?

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