Rabitos Royale Ruby Cacao Figs Reviews

(4 customer reviews)

Chocolate truffle filled dried figs with a touch of brandy flavor, covered with ruby cacao.


4 reviews for Rabitos Royale Ruby Cacao Figs Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Expensive. 4 figs for $5. Each fig is wrapped individually. Chocolate is a bit sweet for me since I am a super dark chocolate person. Sweetness aside, the chocolate is decent, not the best I’ve had. Can taste a hint of brandy.

  2. Cris

    Expensive but worth it!! It is delicious!! 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Not the best quality chocolate -for those where quality counts skip this one, maybe another fine company has done better

  4. Rich Randall

    This is the yummiest treat. Sweet & creamy. no seedy filling typical of figs. I like figs but not fig newtons. this was so smooth & delicious. there’s just too few in a box!

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