Josephsbrau Radler Lemon Beer Reviews

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7 reviews for Josephsbrau Radler Lemon Beer Reviews

  1. edward carlucci

    love lemon flavored beers. similiar to SHOCK TOP SUMMER SHANTY. THIS IS EXCELLENT

  2. Jen Gibas

    I’m not a beer drinker but this is so darn delicious!!!

  3. Denis Kavemeier

    A sweet, refreshing beer with a lemony taste. A good summer beer. Not bitter at all.

  4. Traudel

    I feel like I am back in Germany climbing a mountain top and have my radler mass .
    Thanks you !

  5. Linda Rich

    This is my favorite drink in the whole world!!!
    Today I went to my Trader Joe’s and asked when it will be back, since they don’t have it in winter, and the guy looked it up on his computer and told me it is DISCONTINUED!!! That news on top of this PANDEMIC made me sick. Please say he made a mistake.

  6. Lisa Berg

    I love this beer better than life itself. Why is it gone?

  7. PM

    I have never liked beer and this is the only one I do and it’s discontinued! Bring it back.

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