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9 reviews for Evenus Port Dessert Wine Reviews

  1. Rita Stec

    Excellent! Not too sweet, just right for dessert.
    Please continue carrying it.

  2. Sydney

    Love this port! It’s CHEAP, but not in quality – it’s ten bucks but tastes really good. A perfect dessert wine on a budget. It is exceptional with chocolate. Seriously, I didn’t think chocolate could be made to taste BETTER with a wine.

  3. Goldie

    Nice and inexpensive

  4. Melinda Jane May J.

    Why did you stop selling this product! it is amazing in small quantities ! I agree, Please continue to carry it.

  5. Jean Pedelty

    I miss this wine. Can Trader Joe’s still obtain it? Much better than the ports you are currently carrying.

  6. Terri Tura

    Yes please restock Evenus Port wine!! Miss it from TJ’s!

  7. Suzanne Crawford

    We have been missing Evenus Port Dessert Wine too. Please restock it TJ’s!

  8. susan j dinkler

    LOVE this port wine & can’t find it @ Trader Joe’s in Oceanside. I was there a few days before Christmas 2019.

  9. Paul Huber

    We look forward to getting Evenus every time We get to palm desert. Usually being a bottle or two back to Montana.

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