Claire Patelin Sauvignon Blanc Côtes de Gascogne Wine Reviews

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8 reviews for Claire Patelin Sauvignon Blanc Côtes de Gascogne Wine Reviews

  1. ed drotar

    Great wine for the price. I hope Trader Joes start carrying again.

  2. leoj1951

    I just went back to my local TJ for my third scoop of this wine. Each time, I told myself to buy a case, buy a case. Well, I never did and now it’s gone!!! Please bring it back.

    If you like ’em dry, a bit tart and a bit sweet, this is one for you. Nice contrast to the New Zealand variety.

  3. Ken Doane

    We keep hoping to see it on the shelf. Not there today. Best ever.

  4. Jo

    Love this wine.l My TJ has not had on shelf recently….

  5. Alexander Hartigan

    Reminds me of the village wines I bought in Roanne, FR for a euro at the local market. Great apricot, citrus, and minerality and balanced acidity with a slight sweetness that pairs beautifully with seared salmon and roasted parsnip/sweet potato hash and shallots. Currently, available at TJ’s Rochester, MN for the 2020 vintage @ $5.99/btl

  6. Bettina

    Bought this vine to try. GREAT price even BETTER taste. Went back the next day and bought a whole case!! PLEASE keep selling it

  7. Waltems

    My favorite and now you discontinued it….lame. The white wine selection has gone downhill and all I see is reds or rose.

  8. Tj J

    I work at TJ’s and we do get it in. Just enjoying my first taste. Let’s be real it is not a Grand Vin. But it is a decent, non citrus-y bottle of inexpensive pleasant white wine. It is from Gascogne which is in the South of France. It gets a ton of sun and summers are not the cool pacific of NZ wines. It is rounder and for the price of $5.99 it is a decent offering and a different take on the sometimes too grapefruity Malborough cousins. Enjoy with seafood, as an aperitif or Kir.

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