Buono Dairy-Free Matcha Green Tea Mochi Reviews

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15 reviews for Buono Dairy-Free Matcha Green Tea Mochi Reviews

  1. Trevor

    Been waiting forever for Trader Joe’s to bring back the green tea mochi, so I was excited to see the Buono mochilce matcha green tea! Only to get home and find out that it taste like whoever made them had just smoked a cigarette! These are disgusting had to throw them away!

  2. Todd David

    Every single time I go to Trader Joe’s I buy Mikayawa Mochi Ice Cream.

    Much to my dismay, TJ’s stopped carrying the brand and replaced it with the Buono Mochilce Dessert brand. Trader Joe’s always carried quality products so I bought the 3 boxes (chocolate, green tea and strawberry)…. ALL FREAKING HORRIBLE!!!

    For starters, the mochi ball starts to break apart when you try to pick one out of the tray, with most of it still stuck to the container. I was LITERALLY left with gooey fingers trying to scoop them out.

    Flavorless dough. Also on the thin side, that’s why the mochi easily breaks apart.

    Absolutely underwhelmed and disappointed with Trader Joe’s for carrying this brand. It’s cheap crap.

  3. Jen Girard

    After months of crossing my fingers that TJ’s would bring the mochi back we were excited to buy the new brand of Green Tea Mochi. My first impression was that it was really gross so I had my daughter try it, just in case it was just me being picky. She didn’t like it either. We ended up throwing the rest of the mocha away. Bummer. There is another good brand out there called mymomochi.com. For those of you who are vegan, it is not vegan.

  4. Sion Jesse

    I really love this–since I was diagnosed with a milk allergy a few years back (came into it as an adult) I have been looking high and low for a dairy free mochi. I hate the coffee ones, those are disgusting.

    I don’t have an issue with these breaking apart at all like one of reviews above. Flavor-wise, I love these. Trader Joe’s often has a problem with putting too much sugar in their desserts to the point where it doesn’t even matter what cool flavors they tried to add because the sugar taste is overwhelming and gross. That’s honestly what I love about the Buono matcha mochi.

    Also, I just love matcha in general. I think sometimes people are not familiar with how it tastes–a matcha flavored dessert should NOT taste like a green tea flavored dessert. Matcha uses the whole leaf, so it has a strong earthiness to it. I really like that, so these have been like a holy grail product for me. I think I’ve already eaten like 15 boxes of them alone.

    Buono also makes a strawberry vegan mochi ice dessert and those are cloyingly sweet, do not recommend unless that is your thing.

  5. L. Singletary

    Delicious. The green tea flavor is very distinct, and the texture is perfect.

  6. M. Wetherbee

    I love them… since a new diagnosis of a dairy allergy.. I was thrilled beyond words to discover the green tea mochi… Thank you TJ’s for the awesome dairy free love

  7. Lili Huszti

    They are amazing. The Michu is nice and soft and I’m so glad they use corn starch not flour. I normally get these but they ran out so I tried the ones at Whole Foods and those are TRASH. I heard they’re going to discontinue these so I’m a bit worried but I love them

  8. Christine Greene

    BRING THEM BACK!!! My husband is a allergic to dairy and we really loved these Matcha Mochi Green Tea balls as an alternative. I was buying them recently at the Trader Joes in Queen Anne, Seattle, WA but now they’re all gone :/

    Please bring them back! We like the mango flavored ones too, but the green tea ones are the best. The chai tea ones are our least favorite and are unfortunately the only ones you are carry at the moment.

  9. cleverThylacine

    Where have they gone?

    I’m a confirmed carnivore, but I prefer these to the dairy version, because the matcha flavour is so much stronger.

  10. Kim

    Really upset that they stopped carrying these. I also loved how earthy and less sweet they were than the other flavors. Called them and was told that the flavor had been discontinued. But it looks more like they just stopped carrying them only to bring in their regular dairy version which does not even compare to Bueno in flavor and texture. What about non-dairy people???

  11. Claudia Ward

    I loved theMochilee Mochi Green Tea balls, and now they have the TJ brand which is horrible. Please bring back the Mochilee ones!

  12. Kirin Parmar

    I LOVED the Buono MochiIce Green tea Balls and was SOOO disappointed that they have discontinued them. The replacement brand is too bland and I will not eat more. I also preferred the portion size of the Buono brand. Please do indeed bring it back.

  13. Al

    Are the Buono brand discontinued for good? My wife and I were so glad to have found something that was: dairy free, gluten free, low calorie, and made with simple ingredients. AND DELICIOUS. We tried the new Green Tea mochi by TJ and not only are they not dairy free, the portions and taste are not on par.

    Really hope that if Buono is still producing the green tea mochi, that TJ will bring it back to the shelves.

  14. Maxwell Hunter

    I had these once. I picked up a box one time when I wanted to get my hands on the Matcha pint. They had released it one time then is was recalled due to some manufacturing issue. It was out of the freezer for almost 2 years. So this was the only thing that was available.

  15. Gidget Moore -Hopper

    These little green tea rice dough covered mochi gems are delightful and delicious…I sooo appreciate these and the ingredients along with the smooth texture are quite unique.

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