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3 reviews for Block Red Wine Dark Red Blend Reviews

  1. Soobie

    Actually pretty darn good if you’re a ‘big red’ type of person. Not sweet at all, fairly light on the tannins, but a good acid to it. Mouthfeel is nice, by no means is it Old French but for $12/3L it is better than most. Will not lay down due to the weak tannins, but it holds up well on the kitchen table. The wow point seems to be around 70F/21C, slightly under room temperature for Americans, a bit warm for Europe. Too cold and it loses all nuance, too hot and it’s a bit swilly. Still, for the price point it’s the best wine I’ve had yet and I’ve been drinking for twenty years. Pairs well with arrogance and aloofness, also red meat and cheese.

  2. Charles Nekvasil

    TJ’s box wines are generally basic but drinkable. This one isn’t. No real taste or depth; just red juice with alcohol. I threw the box away after several tastes. Awful.

  3. S. Kakowski

    Balanced and delicious flavors. I love it!

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