Trader Joe’s Viennese Lemon Tart Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Viennese Lemon Tart Reviews

  1. Lulu

    I would give it a 0 star if I could. I LOVE lemony desserts, but this was awful. It tasted like chicken that wasn’t cooked all the way. The consistency was terrible, and the flavor was even worse. DO NOT GET IT!

  2. Holly Spangler

    I absolutely love this Vienesse Lemon Tart. I find most prepared fruit pies/tarts overwhelmingly sweet and this is more tart. I routinely serve this to guests with rave reviews. The flavor tastes more like fresh lemons vs processed lemon juice from a plastic fake lemon. The texture is like a lemon bar, a little firmer than a traditional lemon pie, and I have cut it into lemon bars if I didn’t have time to make my own.

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