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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Veggie Chips Reviews

  1. Wes

    These are great! I particularly like to dip them in Trader Joe’s Black Bean Dip or fresh pico de gallo (the latter not necessarily from TJ’s).

  2. Ttrockwood

    Perfect light and crispy texture! Rather delicate, kids seem to LOVE them. Nutrition info much better than regular chips and a serving size is rather large. Great with salsa but not sturdy enough for thicker dips like hummus without breaking.

  3. Nell

    Delicious chips. Great with any dip, especially salsa. A lighter, but still tasty, alternative to potato or tortilla chips. Warning: hard to stop eating these once you start.

  4. Bee

    These are my absolute favourite food. Getting worried they haven’t been in stock for a while, hope they are coming back!!!

  5. Judy

    The BEST TEXTURE in Veggie Chips …lighter than most but still a nice crunch … so upset store says the discontinued mid March! Please tell me that’s just not true

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