Trader Joe’s Truffle Mousse Pate Reviews

(6 customer reviews)

Made with chicken liver, sherry wine, truffles, mushrooms, and a Brandy Aspic.


6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Truffle Mousse Pate Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Very good truffle mousse pate! And at its price-range, nothing else even comes close. And TJ’s also has plenty of their own great-priced crackers to enjoy this pate on… such as Water Crackers which I like best.

    A great pairing for this in the cheese category would be their Delice De Bourgogne, which is ALSO priced like nobody else’s even close! These 2 treats and you’ll be eating like a king for mere pennies.


  2. Ashley

    Just awful! Could barely choke down a bite and then had to get the taste out of my mouth immediately. I tried sharing some with my dog and my cat and neither of them liked it either. 🙁 I think this might be one of those items that’s worth spending a little extra on to ensure good quality.

  3. Pierre

    I think it’s excellent It’s pâté de volaille. The previous reviewer did not like it, that’s it. I know, I am French, and pâté is in our veins.. Like camember. Not everybody like it The proof id TJ’s small quanttity on the shelf Just enough for the connaisseurs.
    Happy Holidays and Bonne nouvelle Annee!

  4. Sarah Mathena

    I couldn’t believe I came across this today at TJ!! I love pate and would travel just for this item at my favorite restaurant. Now I can enjoy it at home. It’s so good.

  5. Moony

    It’s smooth. It’s good after taste and flavor. Good as fois gras but lighter. No flavor of truffle., though. I don’t mind.

  6. Marco

    Oh how wonderful for pate lovers! The texture and taste are beyond anything I can find elsewhere. I’ve tried, and I cannot make it as good as I can get it at TJs. As summer is hear, always have it in the house for picnic or casual lunch.

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