Trader Joe’s Sweet Cannoli Dip Reviews

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Inspired by the filling inside a cannoli.

10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sweet Cannoli Dip Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Are there chips tho?

  2. Traci

    So good! i eat the dip with Trader Joe’s Butter Waffle Cookies! OMG, heaven. I just bought some Saturday and I’m not disappointed. It has a sweet, smooth, light cream cheese taste.

  3. Jane

    So good. We used it as a dip with for the triple gingersnap cookies.

  4. Zara

    This would be…fine…if it weren’t marketed as a cannoli dip. The cream cheese completely overpowers the ricotta, it is much too sweet, and there aren’t even any chocolate chips. It’s basically a wet cream cheese frosting. Would also be nice to have sold cannoli chips with it. Highly disappointing.

  5. Anonymous

    Who created this? Have they ever even had a cannoli before?! This tastes nothing like a cannoli. This should have been marketed as “cheesecake-inspired” or cream cheese frosting. Trader Joe’s usually knocks it out of the park but this was a huge bust.

  6. Yiayia

    This was a poor attempt at duplicating a cannoli filling. It was too tart and not sweet enough.
    The cream cheese in the recipe and its tang detracted from any semblance to a cannoli filling.
    I love cannoli cream and can eat a tubful alas i gave this the toss

  7. Andee

    The product has pork gelatin. I am usually very good about reading labels but I didn’t check it before sampling. Why Trader Joe’s! Very disappointed! I figured if you are pairing with strawberries for all customers it would be vegetarian at least. My bad but still do better at warning people about hidden meat ingredients.

  8. Ericka

    The packaging is very misleading, and this product was a huge disappointment! I expected the sweet, delicious taste of cannoli filling and instead got a super tangy, overly sweet, cream cheese goo. I hate cream cheese. I’d give it no stars if I could.

  9. Alejandra Daniels

    I love this stuff!! I can’t believe so many people dislike it. Sheesh Lot of hard critics.

  10. Deb Nelson

    YOU NEED TO TRY THIS GEM! Served it at our Christmas Cookie Exchange yesterday and it was a big hit. Awesome with thin butter cookie dippers. I also sprinkled a light coating of red & green cookie decorations on top. Yes, there are no chocolate chips in it, but I personally like the idea of adding whatever you’d like to it. Perfectly sweet imo.

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