Trader Joe’s Sticky Toffee Pudding Reviews

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21 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sticky Toffee Pudding Reviews

  1. Trevor Smith

    This. Was. Heavenly! I tried some when Trader Joe’s had it as a sample and wow… so moist, perfect amount of stickiness, and completely delicious. I’ll definitely be buying my own!

  2. Rach

    Good, but wayyy too sweet and tons of calories. Only buy if you have several other people to share it with!

  3. Ana

    Love it! Bring it back!!!!!

  4. J P

    Tasted EXACTLY like the pudding we had in Great Britain for the holidays last year!!

  5. Barb Cross

    Yes it is very good and especially with ice cream. Will have to find a receipe though because i thought it too small except for 1 or two and i guess i wont find the price of $4.99 too high after i get ingredients to make one myself. Umm good though!

  6. Robin Flynn

    This is just delicious! I cut the sweetness with (lightly sweetened) whipped cream with orange zest on top. Because it is so rich I served three with one pudding. Trader Joe I need to know when it will be back in stock.

  7. Colin Mason

    One of the best sticky toffee puddings I have purchased this side of the pond. A great pudding!- What a pity it is not available this Christmas 2018. Do hope T,J. will stock this item in the future!

  8. Sandy Johnson

    Very sad to hear it has been discontinued. One of the best frozen desserts Trader Joes has ever had. It’s been a holiday tradition since they first brought it out and we look forward to it every year 🙁

  9. Diane Iacolucci

    Ditto all the above comments on the best dessert T.J. has ever had. We bought six of the sticky toffee pudding last year and was looking very much to purchasing more this year, What a disappointment you no longer carry this product.

  10. Sarah

    Our favorite dessert! We look forward to it ever year, so so sad to hear they discontinued it we were so bummed this last holiday season when we went in to get some 🙁

  11. Parker

    Please bring back. Please. I would literally eat it until I got sick– it was that good.

  12. India C

    Please bring it back. Looked forward to it every holiday season.

  13. Deborah Dolla

    We were so disappointed last year when this was not available.

    I sure hope to see it this year! It was wonderful!

  14. Robert A.

    This was seriously one of the BEST desserts I’ve EVER had.. ever!! I was so bummed I couldn’t find it this year at Trader Joe’s. I had planned to stock up.

  15. Stephanie

    By far my absolute favorite! Please bring this back. I used to stock up on this. Found one in the back of my extra freezer tonight. It was still amazing. Please bring this back!

  16. Deborah Dolla

    We loved this dessert! So unhappy it has not been available the past few years!

  17. Anonymous

    Please bring this back!!! Best desert I had!!

  18. Anonymous

    Please bring this back!!! Best desert I had!!

  19. Alex

    Please bring this dessert back! They were my absolute favorite. I have missed them so much the past few years!!

  20. Lisa

    Please bring back this dessert!! It is the best cake and my favorite dessert from Trader Joes.

  21. Tj

    Pls pls pls pls bring this backkkkk

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