Trader Joe’s Soft Honey Nougat with Almonds Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Soft Honey Nougat with Almonds Reviews

  1. Max Wong

    From the moment I first tried this candy, I knew this day would come. I am super sad this has been discontinued. As someone who neither likes almonds or nougat, I LOVED this candy. I hope the South African company that was making this for Trader Joe’s makes a dupe for sale elsewhere. The Italian stuff that Trader Joe’s sells at Christmastime (the nougat season in Italy) doesn’t have the same supple texture.

  2. A Z

    These were my favorite candy and a whole reason to go to Trader Joe’s. Of course they had to cancel them.


    Sooooo bummed. I should have bought a case. If I’d only known.

  4. WirelessWonkFL

    They were the best. Outperformed the leading Italian brands in every way. Tasted a bit better, better texture, bigger size, same ingredients, less sugar, lower price. Truly sad that I cannot get them this holiday season.

  5. Anonymous

    Best ever. Bring. It. Back.

  6. Cathy

    Please bring back the honey almond nougat! My main reason for shopping at Trader Joe’s.

  7. Jenny Ellis Rickhuss

    Please bring it back! That’s all I can say… this stuff was the absolute best and an actual reason I shop at Trader Joe’s! At the very least bring in something similar!

  8. Memma Throndsen

    Like others here. The soft nougat with almonds was the main reason why I shopped at Trader Joe’s. I am so disappointed that it has been discontinued.

  9. Sarah Nichols

    favorite TJ product ever, it was the reason I’d shop at TJs! addictive, I’d eat the whole box in one sitting. Far better than the much pricier authentic italian stuff. Heartbroken they discontinued!

  10. A

    It was real good. Like real real good. Like addictively good and affordable. Like I really wish I can have it now good. Please bring it back, good?

  11. Linda, Mission Viejo CA

    Grew up on Italian Torrone, and this was even better. Truly delightful and dangerously addictive. Bereft that it’s discontinued. Truly saddened. Make my day. BRING IT BACK!!

  12. Amanda Mitchell

    Trader Joe’s Soft Honey Nougat with Almonds
    PLEASE BRING IT !!! It was your best product ever !!!! Traders Joes’s read the above and please bring it back !!!!!

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