Trader Joe’s Santa Maria Boneless Beef Tri-Tip Roast Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Santa Maria Boneless Beef Tri-Tip Roast Reviews

  1. Helen

    Just had it for the first time. Cooked on the grill. Perfection!!!!

  2. Hortense

    Placed 2 in my slow cooker with 2lb bag of pinto beans, Awesome!!!!!!

  3. Wendy Hatchett

    Holy cow, how come I waited so long to try this! We had it for Mother’s Day yesterday, and it was FANTASTIC!! A bit pricey for everyday (about $10/lb), but great for a special occasion. I wanted the traditional Santa Maria Tri Tip meal, so used red oak chips, ordered online in advance, with charcoal in our little smoky grill. First, I seared it on the kitchen stove with a dab of bacon grease in a cast iron skillet. We used a meat thermometer and cooked it about 20 mins for medium. Added pintos, salad and garlic bread to mop up yummy juices. Will definitely buy again. (I snagged the one leftover slice for lunch today–ha!)

  4. W Bacon

    The meat was fine. The rub had way too much salt. The seasoning in general over powered the meat.

  5. Ann C.

    Perfectly seasoned. Delicious meat. We grill it then finish it in the oven. Family favorite!


    bought & made this tonight for the 1st time..i thought it was very good but very fatty, compared to all the many other tri tips i have made.

  7. Thomas J. Busse

    This is excellent. I grew up in California with Santa Maria and Tri Tip, and this makes it easy. Some friends asked me to go camping with them, and I bought one of these instead of hamburgers for the state park campfire grill. It was very easy to cook, and we made steak sandwiches with swiss cheese and TJ’s mustard aioli. If you want an easy way to move your basic barbeque to the next level, this is a great way to start.

  8. The Cook!

    The best piece of meat ever! Grill it every time! Comes out perfect and very tender. I hope this item sticks around for a long long time. Every time I find something I really like it gets discontinued like the pre cooked white brats!

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